domingo, 30 de diciembre de 2012

Last Entry of the Year 2012

What can i say?.. i owe you guys a lot... Thanks to you all, i survived another year... so here is a slight resume

Even when i wish this year to be the best well, it wasn´t. But tons of new things happen this year that make my world rock and to many twist that make me to almost quit, seriously, the mayan´s were right after all "This year was the end of MY world".. and you know what.. I FEEL FINE!

First of all, and the most important thing, This year i manage to be independent (monetary speaking) of my family, yeah i still live with my parents (where in Mexico is a common thing since the property is expensive here and all prefere to have a secure house than start looking for a new one), but from May, more or less, i start to pay my own bills, to help my father and even buy me some little things to my own pleasure, no much but its a start. all thanks to you and the work you provided me.

Second, and its part also of the first in a different way, my father start to leave me alone so i can work in peace, still its a pain in the "## but now is less that at the start of the year. Still there are to much things i still need to finish because the time my father took from me in his errands and tasks but is less now, i have counted them and there are not much, at least not as much as the beginning of the year (no counting the Free request which will be done at the very last).

3rd, this year i started my legal paperwork to get my VISA and all that stiff to get out of my boring country, i still need another year ti fulfill the requeriments but if everything goes according the plan in 2014 i would be able to move wherever i want in the planet (if i have the money ofcorse), so i´ll start the next year to look for work chances for an artist in other countries, specialy Japan =3

and last, its a shame the money for the comic wasnt enough to make the comic at 100%, the donations are till open to make it a reality. I mean that the comic will be done but until i get the 100% of the money it will be not my priority and will be lauch until the 100% of the money is here.

the delayed works are still on work, for January all the sketches of all the works will be send to all the respective customers, as i also working in a daily schedule, a weekenly schedule and a month schedule... so as i work on some days and weeks, as also i have some fun days that i have not anyone the last year and was AWFUL!.. need some rest.. but need to work.. 


lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2012

Limbless pak Finally done!

i Just finished and sended it to all who purchaces it...

(i got a deliveri failure after send it so someone who dont get it and purchaced it just send me a mail... i got the list of the ones who purchaced it so i will notice the cheaters :3 )

Thanks to be patient... Thank you so much!

martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

C-100 Update 27-11-2012

(plays Samus Theme)

Update: the Comic is a reality. Period.

Since i got almost enough funds to start something i say, the comic will be started. However, the release date of it will be anounced once the full price of it is obtained. So for now i´ll do only the designs and general concept of the main characters and the universe where this comic take place, also, the people who already are supporting the comic i ask you to send your characters concept or ideas, since they have the right to put a single character on it as a background character and send ideas for the same universe. This way the comic will have a huge world were to take ideas for the next issue the next year.

now you might ask. Why i took to much time to decide?. well, i was hoping to get more sponsors by this day, but wasnt the case, i hope that with some new advertisement i can finally get the sponsors and money i need to make this comic soon.

Finally, i just repeat again, if i can´t get the complete funds for the comic by December 14th of the current year, the comic will be delayed for the next year end.

Thanks for the support, specially the Current 7 Sponsors :3

domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2012

C-100 update

Found some facts that makes me to change the project basics.

I bought a comic today, counted the actual "comic pages", and the price of it, 30 pages for a common comic (DC) and 22 for a cheap one (Marvel) (note: i bought 1 of each, and the DC one was expensive than marvel, i´m not saying that Marvel is cheap. just cheaper in price :P)

so the following changes will be made:

1.- The comic will be a Ongoing project, so every 6 months or less time a new Issue will be aviable.

2.- The 100 People who funds the first Issue, will have it before its officially launched and will decide also the theme of the following Issue, is a wide world the one of the comic so "ANYTHING" is posible.

3.- The 100 People will have the comic in a large format (many ZIP files with the pages), while the later will get it in a fittable size no more that 900 pixels tall X 720 pixels wide.  so the 100 will have more benefits for their money.

4.- The Guess characters, who the 100 people only can suggest, can and will become the main characteres for the next Issues, with the limitations of the universe ofcorse, those limitations are still in discusion now but that will prevent "mary Sue" like characters on the comic. Also the situation of the comic will be suggested by the 100 only, so if you want to have a chance to decide what will be on the following one, you need to fund this one.

5.- The 100 will have a speciall discount for the next Issue, if they dont make it to be part of the next 100 for the next Issue, i mean, every Issue will need 100 people, and will be the first 100 to pay, so if 1 of the original 100 dont make it to the next, he/she will have a special single discount to buy the next comic. Also for the next one will be more time to get the 100.

so those are the changes, and also i may explain why this kind of projects are expensive. Think about a DC or MArvel comic, look at the credits of their comic, they have a writer, an editor, a drawer, an inker... ETC. but I´m working alone on this one, so i must do all the work, that make it expensive, but that also make it with no limitations.

Thanks for reading this and please spread the message and invite your friends to fund this project =3... you will not regret it

martes, 13 de noviembre de 2012

C-100 Update

As had some suggestions from people who had already fund the Comic, and other friends so, i made some interesting additions to "the proyect".

1.- Already stablished, the 100 people who fund the comic will see on live the making of it. I´m preparing the LiveStream account for that.

2.- Already Stablished, the Price will rise after the completion of the comic, so only the 100 People who fund it first will get it for those unique $30

3.- New idea, Guess Characters, the 100 people will have the right to suggest a character to be in the comic, will not be part of the main story but will be seen in the background or as a filling character, so it may be a OC or may be a popular character, which will be a trouble cause the Copyright but i´ll deal with it later.

4.- New idea, If its a succesfull project, i plan to do it every 6 months, so the next comic would be ready for the next December, and only the "100 original" will be able to infere in the next comic theme and Story, so their only suggestions wil be heared. Ofcorse if they want the new project they will need to fund it.

and for now its all. Please spread the message, let make this "proyect" a success! :3

lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

Proyect C-100

This Proyect is about a Comic.

One person asked me to do a comic based on a story he/she write, and i agreed giving him the price for it.

The comic is about a School where its hold a Homecoming Banquet where a girl, voluntarily, is served as the main dish of the Banquete. Theres more of the story, but until the proyect is done (if its done), you wont know more of it.

Description of the Comic: Will be a full color comic, 30 or more pages (still on planing the composition of each). and will include the character design page with a bit of description of them as the world itself. Will be send as a Zip file.

So here is why its Called C-100 proyect.
With the persmision of the original commisioner, I will sell the comic only to 100 people for only $30 USD each. This is to pay the making of the comic, valued in $3000 USD to make it. After these 100 people, anyone else who wants to buy it will need to wait until the comic is finished and will be aviable for $50 USD.

Schedule: The payment for this must be completed for December 14th, starting it that same day and to be finished on July.

Note: if the price is not covered by that day the proyect will be posponed for the end of the next year. (better to stay positive).

If, and only IF, the payment is completed by December 14th or earlyer, every week i´ll do a "live stream" for the 100 people who helped to fund the making of the comic, so they´ll see the progres on live, and can tell me theyr opinion and things like that.

This will also help me to gather the money that my father want from me to borrow to him.

With this Proyect i will not let my other customers hanging.. more... for their commisions, so i´ll schedule every week to work on the comic, the commisions i need to do, and some time to myself ofcorse.

If you want to "purchase" the comic you have 2 ways to do it:

1.- just send the money to my Paypal account with a note saying "comic funds" (paypal:

2.- If you want it but hasnt the money yet, send me a e-mail asking for it, and i will make a list with your e-mail, andwhen you pay i´ll mark it on that list.

So, the comic is a huge proyect.. the most expensive i ever been involed, but its up to you for the comic to be made, so... Thanks for reading =3

sábado, 20 de octubre de 2012

Strange request... Challenge acepted!

This is whats happening now...

My Father, the one who always take my money for some pays and emergency bills and almost everytime makes me MAD, makes me the following request.

"I need your help to Gather $10000 mexican pesos to pay the christmas bonus of my employee, i´ll give you the money back in June"

I first think "HE´S NUTS!... its to much money!!" (for the record, right now that its about $850 USD more or less).. now, a few hours later, i think... "ok, no matter how i look at it, its an interesting challenge... i doubt to gather it but i dont lose anything trying to do it"

So... i need ideas...

I have some good clients who i know will support me as i work for them, but still that will be not enough to get the goal. I still need to finish the late works, i still need to finish the limbless pak. and i NEED also to show my father that my work is worthy enough to live from it.

i´m open for ideas, again any donation will be welcome. AND thats all i wanted to share with you. its important. its a challenge.

Thanksyou for your support

image i done of my OC Kaede about a year ago... She is a High Rank "Monster Hunter"

Note: you may ask why i want to help him even when he is driving me mad. Well, even he being anoying and a royal pain in the.... he is a good father, he , in his own way, helped me and trust me, always being honest with me, specially when i decided to be an artist he told me that he doesnt like it, but he did not stop me. He´s my family, and i will help him and all my family (concept of family is subject to change without warning).

domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012

B-day Gift

this is a "gift"... for the birday of Moriko... a good client and very patient one :3... 

also some news, with this my situation is declared, normalizing.. since my father (i hope) will not take any more my money, and has a good "sponsor"... (while i keep doing images for him he will pay me to cover my bills).. i´ll be able to finish all the other works i have now.. sketches and so... i´ll not take more commisions from others if its not necesary... if it is (which means that my father took again my money) i´ll let you know...

this may explain why i been delaying in my works, need money means need to do other works.. and have very short time to do them..  but while i can pay the bills with the help of a single person, i can also work on others without delaying more.. :3

the plan is this year finish all and start the next as fresh as a letuce... :3

in other news the duggestions comes to make a "pregnant" pak... with some of the pregnant images i did to another customer.. but will not be on sale until i finish the others..  the characters will be choosen ran"doom"ly if i need to draw an extra image to complete the pak...

and the image that will be only seen in my blog (due its not guro at all) will have a continuation.. for me i think will be different storylines so the first suggestion.. "pregnant and limbless" is 1 of the favourite ideas, other is to cook her... so will be some images around.. when i finish... 

thanks for your suport..

domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

Japanese is over.... for now

Heres is your friendly and a bit stressed artist Hitori... with some anouncments to .... erh.. anounce...

1.- i been forced to do some errands for my family... thats is the main reason i´m delayed with all your commisions... but fortunately, the things are going swiftly enough with my parents job that i might not be bothered as often as i get the last months so i´ll have more time to work. Spect more images published here.

2.- The Plan: as I realize an "inventory" of all the works i still need to do, mos of them are now sketches or line art.. the most hard works are almost done.. just 1 or 2 still waiting to be done though. So the plan is, to Finish all the Workload Before this year ends, i´m getting funds from a good customer, just enough to survive so i´ll be very selective, if i do not stop taking commisions, for now and until the year ends.

3.- The schedule for the works for now. there are some urgent sketches works that i need to finish, and also the good customer that is helping me, for now those are priority. the "limless pak" would be done for the end of the year, and if eveything goes alright also the "Pak Cut in pieces"... as, i hope, a surprise for Halloween. not much hopes for that last one though.

4.- my Absence here and in Guro chan.... and for that matter, all my galleries (~3~). some of the sketches and lastest commisions have been private, so respecting the customers i must not upload them until they give the permision. Also, i dont like to make blog entries without at least something important to say or something to show. now i have the 2.

5.- Right now, i would be apreciate your help with donations, even a single dollar will be helpful... and remember those "every $100 in donation is a free for all image here"... well i havent forgot about them so, as soon as i finish all those are the next to be done and will be published... suggestions are welcome too.

6.- about the title of this entry. yes.. i needed to stop, as my father needed money i was helping him.. his situation improved but not enough to he repayme to pay the japanese next course, so we decided (my father and I) to wait until better times. For now i must study by myself...

Thank you for your support.

for now a urgent commision, it might get a continuation, all depends on your suggestion... post them in the C-box on the right of this blog

domingo, 29 de julio de 2012

Hard Work

Me again... with some news...

First.- i just organized my emails and finally get rind of some of them that were now just junk... and take notes from those who are for lated commisions. now i know exaclty what are those who i owe a commision for sure and are less than i though... specially after the one who was blaming me for being a scam dissapeared from my shedule... belive me, was too many and hasnt time to do them... anyway... i can focus now in finish those old ones and priorize the ones for those clients who are supporting me right now...

Second.- due of the first point, i needed to suspend the Pak production, the Limbless pak... but now i can finish it and will be ready now... i cant do a pak per month as i planed at the begginin of the year but there will be more paks... the next after the limbless is the "cut in pieces" and then well, must be planed. So, all of you who bought a limbless pak will receive it soon...

Third.- the $5 dlls sketches have their own button here in the blog, if you want one just push the button, but will be sheduled after the last one who bought a sketch... first come-first serve... and belive me, the are much sketches i need to do.  the Sketches are up to 2 characters and with no background

Fourth.- the hunt of the job, which is supposed to help me to get money for bills instead of the drawings, well, its a failure, hasnt find anything. and lately my father took the money a saved for the bills (paid the last bills but the next month still undure), so lately i start to feel that all my work was for nothing.. no money for bills and no money for me... so spect a low energy from me for a while..

Finaly.- here are the sketches i done so far... at least are the ones i can share with you... the commisioners are anonymous, or i dont remember them but same efect XD

PD: maybe i forgot which one must not be here but just tell me and i´ll take it out...

viernes, 22 de junio de 2012


i have no money anymore...will search for a job... i will no stop drawing, but will not be the same....

BTW: theres a donate button from (formerly alterpay) ... if you want to donate feel free to do it.. i´ll try to draw something at nights but...

thankyou and sorry...

lunes, 18 de junio de 2012


Actually all my family are cursed... belive in curses or not.. we are...


-At family workshop: all the employes start to get sick misteriously by a misteriously illness, we though that was something on the food they buy around the place but they made their own food so all the posibilities of an intoxication was descarted. Then we though that something in the air, and again nothing, theres no other industries around in miles, and the D.F. (Mexico City) is one of the most contaminated cities so we are strong againts more contaminants than other places that are no cities. Then the last fact for this, one of the familiar of one of the employes get sick of something similar to Cancer (if my information is right) or at least is somethin serious that they needed to operate her, again wasw all of a sudden, no other simtoms and the most recent diagnosis before that she was clean. or so i heard. Others who dont get sick just stoped to come and theres no new employes who wants the job or they come to ask and never came back again.

-At Family: to my Father the clients stop to pay him and his contacts, and now hes been forced to sell someof his furniture (audio sistems first) to pay his bills, which are huge O30... and to make it worst, his car, a minivan, start to broke, the engine is failng and in no time it will die, he needs around $16000 Mexican pesos to repair it (change it new technically speaking), about $1500 USD aprox.. a bit less cause the USD price in mex is rising O30...
My Sis and Mother are always sick (headaches and or flu) and no medicine helps them
Me, a constant drowziness that make me fall asleep infront of my PC, even when i sleep "well" the last night. i admit that i have a very tiny focus hability and tend to stop at the middle of something and do other thing then back to my work.. but the drowzyness is new... I need to take some medicine to keep me wake ups and full aware of what i´m doing.

Family History: this is more, "why we belive that its a curse and not just bad luck".

from my moms family there were always a tradition of mediums and psiquic habilities that make us victims and fighters of this kind of treats, and because that we achieve as a family a "happiness" that in mexico is very  rare, most of the families at this time are fightin for the heritage of the house and money.. the dam money, but we solve those things even before the problems exist, so many people arround us, specially other family members from outside of close family hate us and envy us... cause that envy we belive they call curses over us to try to make us apart of each other and make us fight... now we think they are focusing on our money and recourses.

Now, at the half of the next month, after all i survived here and try to understand and deal with my family i have no money again... at least not enough money ...

Im forced to search for another job (yes, i´ll never work at family´s workshop but because since ever i hated that kind of work), i´ll not stop drawing, but until i get money to pay bills, my shedule and all the works i need to finish will be slowed down again... sorry for the bad news...

Right now i´m focus on the unfinished pak, and some old commisions... and i say... any donation to help me will be welcome, cause this time will help not only me, but my family...

You choose to support me, and i keep failing, i wont blame you if you stop supporting me right now... Sorry

work in progress for a client, some details will be changed, but to show you that i´m working hard O30

And an offer, just for the blog: (i´m very desperated) $5 USD sketches like the one in this blog entry, delivered imidiatly, until i reach the goal of this month... up to 2 characters and no background...
-for this you must add me to your MSN chat and taks directly with me through it, i´ll be on today...


viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012

Shame!! =3=

Today, i just noticed 1 little but important thing... i have not seleld nothing... so i have $0 this month...

under other circunstances i would simply finished the last pak and started the other and start selling it but this time, as i´m finishing the works i left because i needed money back then, well i´m unable to finish the pak right now... wich was almost done...

I really dont wanted this, cause i dislike to get money just like that without offerin something... call it Equivalent Exchange that i give you my art and you well, your money... but right now i cant offer that, not right now... But also if i get no money and dont pall my bills, well will be no more art...

i ask you to help me gather $200... if what the person who i failed first do what i think he do,  i would need $100 more cause PayPal will take the first $100 and will give them to him... finishing finally that nightmare that stupidly i created O30... if Paypal wont take it i´ll tell you, still in the first chance i´ll give that money back to him... i must...

In exchange, well i dont know what to give back to you people, again i feel bad for asking for Donations, specially after i failed to someone... but 1 thing i can offer you is again, made public other images from my pay-per-view page, wich still isnt my most benefical page but at least give me money from time to time.. but almost every 6 months so i cant cout on it in times like this =3=..  another thing, well... i dont know... any suggestion is welcome.

Can offer free lineart images for those who donate more that $20, but be aware that will be finished after and only after the images i need to finish... wich i´ll make the list public soon...

Also, i offer every finished pak in $5 USD until i gather $200, so if you dont want to donate but want the paks this is your chance...

I´m in your hands now... You will decide with your donations if i continue drawing or run out of busyness...

(image taken from this Tumblr :

viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

Troubles ahead...

my mistakes and delayment now blows in my face... and the one who personificates it will be spreading the word that i´m a scam.. and maybe i am.. not on prupose for sure...

a deal commisions, which i wasnt able to finish them caus he asked for them almost every 2 or 3 days.. he wanted them finished almost the next day... imposible i say now... then after many sketches i stoped charging him for them.. so the next images was for "free".. in a way.. so the money i would refund would be less,.. then he wanted the money... calculating the ones i compeltely did, the sketches and the "freebies".. i owe him $100

Then, he wanted a favor.. a gift to do to someone... he told me.. those $100 worth it if you finish it in 2 days... that where when he wanted to give the present.. so i did it..

then.. he told me that i STILL owe him the money... to not argue.. and the fact that he still wnts some images to be done... he ask me to finish others.. i agreed... but recentfull now that he told me something early and then changes it...

and now he says i´m a scam etc etc etc... again. maybe i am, but not on prupose.... has many troubles in real life too... had other customers.. have to survive...

i wont tell you that this isnt my fault... but it IS my fault... and i feel sorry... but You decide what to belive...

maybe i´ll quit from drawing, now that everyonw will want their money... =3=

lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

Mini´s Mischef Mayhem

Here i am again, with some news...

As I promised here is the story writed by a friend which "writer´s name" is Jadowstar. I made an ilustration per chapter and will be posted here at least the first 3 chapters... if eveything goes right ofcorse...

If you wanna see more of this story after those 3 chapters are online, you can always donate, from a cent to whatever you want... he will also receive part of the money ofcorse... :3

Coments will be very apreciated from both of us.


Minis Mischef Mayhem
by: Jadowstar

Chapter 1. The Princess Peach and the Minis

The silent night fills the mushroom castle. The guards moving along from post to post. The silence of the night dulling their sense of duty or urgency. So much so that no one noticed the movement along the outer wall. It slips into the door, the simple rhythmic “hup, hup, hup” heard by no one. 

Meanwhile, Princess Peach hums happily as she prepares for bed. It had been a long day due to some shifty characters in Toad Town. While the Bandits hadn't been seen in a while, the handy work didn't fit their style. It was too sloppy and they only stole spare parts around the town, hardly anything worth stealing. The issue of who still bothered her, but she would need to worry about it tomorrow. Her dress had been tossed aside as she walks around her bedroom naked. A glimpse of herself in the full length mirror tinges her cheeks slightly. Her thin hips swaying as the princess make her way to bed...until there is a knock at the door. 

A look of confusion on her face, Peach walks to the door, having grabbed a towel that had not been put away. Peeking out of the door, she expected to see a Toad Patrol with information on the cases, but all there was sat a bag with a letter stuck into the stuffing of the bag. Looking up and down the hall, she grabs the bag and brings it in, while locking the door. 

The bag was plain, simple paper without logo or distinction. The princess looks over the letter and opens it, squinting at the small writing. 

“From my Smallest Fans?” 

She turns and looks at the back of the card as if expecting more. But seeing nothing, set it aside and sees what needs to be brought so late at night. 

Inside was a familiar looking plastic ball. One side of it tinted in the familiar fashion. Maybe it had come from a party she had been at? Tapping the ball onto the side of the bed, it pops open with ease. 

Out tumbles a Mini-Peach. It had been so long since she had seen one that it almost seemed like a simple toy. The Princess runs her hands over the Mini, feeling the small joints and the slight fluff of its hair. With a smile she looks into the Mini's smiling eyes while turning its key several times and setting it down. 

The small toy shutters slightly before moving along the bedspread, swaying its arms as it comes to the edge. Peach giggles a little as it drops off the edge of the bed and kneels on the bed to reach down and picks up the Mini off the floor. 

Her smile changes to shock as the Mini turns in her hands. The face... it had changed from a rather blank charming one to a sinister smile. The shock makes her drop it, it bouncing slightly on the bed spread. It twitches and moves without the aid of the key, pressing down on the bedspread to get itself back onto its feet. 

The two just sat there, one looking at the other. The Mini suddenly turns and jumps off the bed, making its way to the door. It looks up at the door knob then back at Peach, who still hadn't moved from the bed. There is a sudden thud against the door, followed by a second one. The princess gasped as the doorknob jiggles and unlocks. The door swinging up showing at least 10 Minis stacked in three rows, all of their little eyes focused on the naked princess in the bed. The first Mini turns and points, signaling the attack. 

The small swarm of minis rushes to the bed, Peach only able to scramble back against the headboard as the towers topples onto the bed, the lower Minis climbing up the sheets as for all of them to be ready. The last two had small chunks of what looked like mushrooms. The Minis move swiftly into position, making a semi-circle on the bed before leaping forward. Peach jump off the bed to avoid the attack. 

It had been a few minutes since seeing the first one move and really what could a Mini do to her? The little ones seem to grumble as they right pull apart from the pile up. The few having not leapt hopping off the bed to attempt to corner the Princess once more. 

Peach just smirks, “What makes you think you can get me?” the small figures stop, turning to one another as if considering this. Suddenly three Minis that had snuck in through the window attacking from above, smacking hard into Peach's back and neck, forcing her to stumble into the crowd of Minis, each of them grabbing hold and climbing to drag her to her knees. 

Peach felt her head getting heavy as from the attack to the neck, she stumbles as the weight of the Minis climbing her body piles up and dragging her down onto her chest. The group with the mushrooms moving into action as the group of Minis split up even more. Each toy group take out what looks like a small blade from their hollow “dresses”. With the Princess pinned down, they begin to cut and slowly feed her the shroom bits. No blood was spilled due to the slow working of the group. Peach would try and scream and struggle, but it would only make the cuts hurt more and the Minis more forceful each time she did it. The first to come cleanly off was her right arm, the few idle Minis that had been wandering around the room bring over the length of thin rope, grabbing the somewhat limp limb and binding it round the middle. This happens three more times leaving Peach no more than a wiggling torso. Many of the Minis having to climb onto her back to keep her down toward the end of it. Eventually resulting and a trio of Minis scavenging up a rather well used looking dildo from a dress and pushing it into her, surprising her just enough to get the job done. 

Peach just laid there, limbless and now dripping slightly while the little monsters set about with the next part of their mission. With 2 minis taking up a limb while the rest turned her over onto her back and lifted her up. One Mini remained atop her as the strange little parade moved back to the still open door. The princess cries and wiggles until the Mini atop her simply plops herself into her mouth, the wide base of the dress effectively shutting her up as the other moved slowly along the empty corridors, passing a few knocked out guards as they make their way to the doorway, the carpet muffling the “hup,, hup, hup” of their small feet. 

The castle falls back into silence, only a lone figure seeing where the line of the parade disappearing into the forest nearby. He adjusts his hood and moves along the path, following after the tiny footprints before they disappear as well. Kneeling and feeling the ground, noticing that nothing was under or hidden about before turning back to the town. This was not the handy work of Bowser or anyone else...who else was left? He muses as a simple tune coming to him as he walks, flipping out a notepad and marking down a few ideas before vanishing back into the town to gather some more data.


Some of you maybe have already saw this image at leas on line art, it was first the image and then the story yes, but then he continues the "saga" with Daisy, Rosalina and others... and i also continue to ilustrate that story... so the next chapter will contains a never seen before image :3

Thank you all for your donations which made this posible, really apreciated.... really :3

Copyrights of the characters: Nintendo Co. LTD. etc etc etc... you know that already :P


In other news, my lately delayment with the pak is due that my electric system of my room... and curiously only my room just colapsed... i already contactin the right people to fix it, and dont worry, this problem will no cost me more that a soda and some food for the enginier, was my father´s fault since he was the one who contract the lassy guy who install the electric system in the first place many years ago O30...  it has something to do with the time i spend in the PC usin tons of electric power to draw on it that cause the problem?... opinions are welcome :3

miércoles, 18 de abril de 2012

another $100 has been gathered!!

WOW.. another $100 have been gathered in the "donation in the year"... so heres another one.. maybe the last from my oldest pics that been finished on time... now maybe i´ll start finishin some old images that are just linearts now.... O30..

Raven: in an aereal fight, everything can happens :3


martes, 17 de abril de 2012

Thanks you !!

Thand you for all who donated me fir this emergency... we already get the $150 and surpased it. this month is safe... any extra that you would donate from here will help for the next months.

And as i promised, in the next 3 weeks there will be posted a Good story writen by a good friend of mine and will be ilustrated here. Plus some images that where only at my pay-per-view web page:

search for Hitori :3

those who donated $10 or more will receive a special pak with all the color images of the older paks, if you dislike the guro themed images just mention it and i´ll not include them... and the ones who donate more that $10 from now on will receive the same pak.

thanks you and here are 3 of the images of the pay per view site... enjoy :3


lunes, 16 de abril de 2012

The Free-For-All image

now we achieved the first $100 USD in donation in the year, and here is the Free-For-All image, these images will be from my pay per view website, 1 of the color images of the old paks or a completely new image... this time is one that is also in my pay per view site... thankyou for your donations :3

The name is Moriko:
About the character: Well, she is a succubus. Not evil one, just enjoying her time. Her main abilities is energy draining and shapeshifting (changing her body whatever she like. She may hide or display her horns, hooves, wings, tail. Easily changes her tall, grows or decreases size of her chest, hips. Easily changes her skin and eye's color. May become futanari if she want it). Energy she consumes as food makes her nearly immortal, because she always save enought drained energy to recreate her body if something happen. She is kind and doesn't need to steal all one's energy. Because she drains very few from many people around her, being adored by them. Living in a castle and having many maids as servants and nice town around castle, where she is counted as a queen or a princess gives her unlimited energy source to stay looking young and beloved and kind to other, not being madly hungry for the energy even if she sometimes require more energy then she usualy need.

Something interesting about her maids:
Well, usualy maids are get hired in town. Each maid sign a contract that promise good help to maid's family as compensation. That is required because all maids soon or late for different ocasions (celebrations,  unishments) get cooked permanently without ressurection. For example, maid is used to create the meal for her 20, 25 or 30 years birthday. Every her piece is still alife while she is being eaten but after the birthday she won't be ressurected. That is required to keep the staff at the castle always being young. If elder female apply to be the maid they usualy pass the age dropping ceremony to make them younger. Sadly, such maids usualy end punished as they were unable to get used they lost their "elder" status. Clumsy maids or maids that failed to do mistress's order are also permanently beheaded at the sight. Still, mistress Moriko somehow manage to stay belowed and counted verykind to her maids and anyone in her town.

Situation in the image:

A trubite from her to all the people and the maids who always "donate" to her some of energy.

[description of character provided by the creator of the character]

note: this count of donations has nothin to do with the "expres donation" run... except that those were count to this one... the other still need the $150 USD... check the count in the main page of this blog :3

Emergency task! (only have 2 days)

Well i´m in a serious trouble here...

Thanks to "arguing" with my family i´m in the situation that i need in the next 2 days gather $150... and asking for donations or borrowed its erh... its not right...

So i ended up to make this "promocional" or "donation run" to try to gather the money.

in the next 2 days, from the day this message is posted, everywere i post it, if i Gather the $150USD i need or more, i´ll put for free here [if the web pages rules allow it] a series of 3 images or more telling a story AND the Story itself... Plus, some of my color images that are only in my "pay per view" webpage (wich its not as productive as i thought when it started and the money takes "eons" to reach my bank account)...

The Story:

It will be about Princess PEach and Company, The theme is a Freakshow theme called "limbless girls" so discretion is adviced. And will be color images.

IF the goal is achieved:

the images will be posted in the next 3 weeks after i close the donation. if the goal is not achieved i might not be able to post the images...... or draw anything new for that matter O30

and, to reinforce my "promocional". everyone who donates me from $10 USD to "more", will receive a Special Pak with all the color images of the paks you want... might want only the ones without guro, or might want only guro pak... you decide...

Please help me to reach my little but very much important goal... or say godbye to this artist O30

domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

HACK warning!!!!

to all who knows my Yahoo mail adress... a hack virus has attaked my account and send the following message:

" hey! why did you upload your sexy photos in your yahoo pics profile? hxxp:// dont you know that anyone with yahoo account can see it? dont get me wrong! im just asking okay..."

do not, i repeat DO NOT! click the link... apparently the hack happens after cliking the link and steals your iddentoty for a few minutes or whenever you log out of your YIM account and send the message to your contacts.. beware and stay alert!

how you recognice ME and difference of the bot-virus:
-i never upload photos of me, in the internet i´m a totally different person than in real life.
-i dislike Web-cam chats... again, my real life person is only for the real life... in the internet i am Hitori the artist and only Hitori the artist...
-and finaly... i like to have my gender in the anonimatum... i rather be a girl or a guy.. but i prefer to just be known as Hitori and not as a girl or somethin else..

SO stay alert...

in other news i still working to finish al i have to do so thanks for the patient to all my clients who still are waitin for a commision...

here is the evidence of that... :P

lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

Teasin around

So, mayne people.. (3 in the C-box actually :P ) want me to put a TEase of the Limbless pak.. and i say.. Yes why not!.. :3

and here are some line arts that will be colored for the pak... which might be released this week ... (i hope) or the next...

wish me luck to finish it and to dont get bothered by family... thats is the main reason i get delayed always.. =3=

and nothin more at the moment... share them, enjoy them.. but do not make any alterations on them... unless you tell me before you do it... in that case i might give permision... i like to inspire new art, and sometimes for  that sometimes the new artist must copy/altere an existant art... in a way i started like that, (dont ask about those old jobs.. never released from the notebooks)

viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012

Quick anouncement!

the Pak must be done for the end of the month.. not earlier...


´Cause its being done slowly... family still bothers me and so much things get complicated here...

so also the commisions will be delayed.. again.. sorry

viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

Lastest News... Finished!! X 3 X

The "Stay alive" pak has been finished... and sended to the ones who bought it in the "pre-sale"... for those who paid and didnt receive the paks please send me an email... in the middle of the chaos that has been these last weeks i lost the original list of emails that has bought teh pak, and after cheked again the mails i´m sure i´m forgetting some clients... 

with this i anounce the pre-sale of the "Limbless Pak"... wich will be finished... and this time will be no matter what it cost to me... for this march 10th or march 17th.... 

and also i ask for help.. again... as you can see i have no money for this month.. february.. i blame myself for not be able to finish in time. So, please, buy me a pak and help me to continue drawing T3T

and again, sorry for being late with the pak.
Limbless pak characters:

-Star Fire (Teen Titans TV)        10 votes
-Gwen (Ben 10)                         10 votes
-Kaede (my OC)                       09 votes
-Peach and company (nintendo) 08 votes
-Ranma Chan (Ranma 1/2)         07 votes
- Violet (The Incredibles)            06 votes
- Bulma teen (Dragon Ball)         03 votes
- Human Fluttershy (MLP:FiM)  02 votes
- Female Monster Hunter Kirin* 02 votes
- Roll.exe (Megaman BN)          02 votes and a cointoss
Paks Codes:

0.- Zero Pak (before January pak): $12
1.- Tied Pak : $12
2.- Bloody Pak: $12
3.- Sexy Pak: $12
4.- Headless Pak: $12
5.- Stay Alive Pak: $10
6.- Limbles Pak (pre-order): $10

And again.... Sorry... =3=

martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

Lastest News... Fail =3=

This is an apology.

the last weeks, that almost is a month, i been working "forcedly" in my parents workshop leaving me to tired and to angry to draw at nights... what was suposed i would do to overcome with both "jobs" but, it overwhelm me and.. well you know what happen.... unable to finish what i´m suposed to be finishing ...

Right now ipm workin on the pak... the last details of the last 3 images i left to do... and will take a week to finish or do part of the images that many people commisioned me, so i´m not acepting anymore commisions right now... and maybe, i´ll never acept another one in a long time.

After the current pak is done, the next one, "the limbless pak" will be on pre-sale,  the date to be started will be on 20th IF i finish the current pak for tomorrow night...  if not will be started on 24th... and will be finished between march 10th or march 17th...

To make amends, and knowing that i´ll dont have any other way to get money the next month. All the paks but the last 2 will cost $12, until the limbless pak is released... just to survive the next month and dont go out of business permanently...

i´m very sorry with you all, i know i disapointed you. But i´ll make amends and will move forward, trying to be a better artist, and a better person. If you still wanna follow me on my art-way, thankyou.

Limbless pak characters:

-Star Fire (Teen Titans TV)        10 votes
-Gwen (Ben 10)                         10 votes
-Kaede (my OC)                       09 votes
-Peach and company (nintendo) 08 votes
-Ranma Chan (Ranma 1/2)         07 votes
- Violet (The Incredibles)            06 votes
- Bulma teen (Dragon Ball)         03 votes
- Human Fluttershy (MLP:FiM)  02 votes
- Female Monster Hunter Kirin* 02 votes
- Roll.exe (Megaman BN)          02 votes and a cointoss


Paks Codes:

0.- Zero Pak (before January pak): $12
1.- Tied Pak : $12
2.- Bloody Pak: $12
3.- Sexy Pak: $12
4.- Headless Pak: $10
5.- Stay Alive pak (pre-order): $10


And again.... Sorry... =3=

Previews of the color images for the "Stay alive pak"

lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

Characters Decided and News

Ok 3:20 am here and still workin on the "Stay Alive pak", yes, i´m delayed, i lose to much time with family busynes and other things, but don´t worry, i´ll have the pak finished today (January 23rd) or the day after. (How, i dunno but i will)

So everythin is almost goin as planned, the Characters has been selected and this is the official list of the girls who will lose theyr limbs:

-Star Fire (Teen Titans TV)        10 votes
-Gwen (Ben 10)                         10 votes
-Kaede (my OC)                       09 votes
-Peach and company (nintendo) 08 votes
-Ranma Chan (Ranma 1/2)         07 votes
- Violet (The Incredibles)            06 votes
- Bulma teen (Dragon Ball)         03 votes
- Human Fluttershy (MLP:FiM)  02 votes
- Female Monster Hunter Kirin* 02 votes
- Roll.exe (Megaman BN)          02 votes and a cointoss

The "limbless" pak is planned to be started on February 6th, givin me time to finish some old commisions i have to do and rest a bit, and will be released (IF everything goes acordin to the plan) on February 20th.

In other News: thanks for all the support you gave me these days and making me able to get $200 this month, to say thanks in my way i open a Twitter account for anything you want to ask me or to ask to my Original Character Kaede anything you want... what you can not ask to us?.. simple.. SCAT... anything else is OK.. or so she says.

Also i opened a Tumblr account for exclusively Kaede and her "world", inspired by the many "ask to..." Tumblr accounts i saw recently, and also will have from time to time ilustrations answerin some questions.

there are the accounts...




Come on!, Help me to improve.... or for that matter, Help me to go insane! XD

lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Theme pak decided

Actually its been decided 2 themes cause the number of votation each has, it would be pointless it i make a votation knowing that the one who was placed in 2nd place here will win  so the next 2 paks theme are decided, now just need to see which characters will be: 1.- dismembered and 2.- Cut in many pieces

Also, i suggest you to send me suggestions about what situations you want to see knowing the theme, i dunno, maybe one of your siuggestions make into the pak :3. Just put the suggestion by commentin "THIS" blog entry.

So the next pak codename is "Limbless Pak", and after that the next one is "Cut Pak"...

The "Stay alive" pak will be ready on time ( if everything goes alwright) so stay tuned, if something bad happens i´ll let you know.

Hitori the Artist

domingo, 1 de enero de 2012


I wish you to have a very good year this 2012... and hope that something interesting happen actually...

This is my gift, and my way to say Thanks... the same way my character Kaede likes to say it... taking her head off (not mine, HER head :P) and present it to all fo you..

Anyway, i need to thank you all who supported me, all who have patience with me, and avery one who are fan of my drawings and my ideas... this 2012 comes with new wishes, new promises and for me new challenges...

First of all: the next pak, officialy called the "stay alive pak" is abiable for preorder starting  right now, and will be released in January 23th. Just send the money to my paypal account and a mail where you want to receive the pak and anyother pak you want.

For safety, and after heard of many issues with paypal from other artist, please do not mention anything about the theme or the content or even what is it for in the comments on paypal, just the word "pak".. so i would know for what is what money income... If you pay for a commision just put the word "COMMISION".

The price of the pre-sale of the pak is $10, and the "Headless pak", if you still not purchased it yet, still cost $10 until the next pak is released. The other paks will be anounced the price at the end of this blog entry.

Next. The votation of the theme for the next pak ends on Januray 14th, so i´ll give you from january 15th to january 23th to select the characters you want to be in the next pak.

This year, my goal every month is to achieve $200, which i need to pay my PC and phone bills and the "rent" of my house. (I live with my parents but they want me to cooperate with the house incomes and other stuff T3T). If i, with your help, can make that monthly, i would progress to the next phase of my life, move to my own house.

And to finish this, all the works i still have to do will be done between pak seasons, and i will stop taking many commisions unless they are very promising or i really need the money quickly. SO everything will be done eventually, EVERYTHING...  i had not forgett those images i had in wait for so long... really, i´m not lieing...

I plan to do a WEB comic, which will be a page in every pak if its posible,  and Kaede is... erh... the center of the story, not the main character ´cause unfortunately she is nearly a "Mary Sue" type character and i dont like storyes with that kind of characters. All depends on how much time i have to write the story, to draw it, and if i feel inspired to do it..


Pak codename and Price:

0.- Zero Pak (before January pak): $20
1.- Tied Pak : $15
2.- Bloody Pak: $15
3.- Sexy Pak: $15
4.- Headless Pak: $10
5.- Stay Alive pak (pre-order): $10

Total for all the paks: $85 (including pre-order)

Wholesale Price (all the paks with 1 payment including pre-order) : $70