jueves, 31 de enero de 2013


Posting my progress here every Wednesday, since i do some sketches or just one to the person ask me on live in any of my chats account i have... i wont share the identity of the one who ask the sketches.. its no use... and will keep a bit of privacy if the sketch is way too strange or is way too normal...  and also will post the works that i can and are not private, so here you will see my true progress... and wont feel that this blog is abandoned anymore...

and tomorrow Thusrday... Guro comic day.... talking about that... any suggestion for a main title for the comic?

this one took a lit of time to ink, 5 images in a single one... but finally done! (copyright of this character to its owner)

and a sketch... 2 maids who were choosen to dinner :3

viernes, 25 de enero de 2013


First.- want to apologise to not be able to finish the work load jet... working on that issue...

Second.- as you might know, if you read my last entry. Starting this Saturday Feb 2nd i´ll be attending to a military camp for some goverment issue to get my passport, something that will last for this whole year every saturday.

So, having that in mind i schedule every day to work on something different every day. a Schedule to make my work load dissapear and still have money to paid my bills. And i´m making it public, so you can help me to no slack off and keep an eye on me.

Monday: dedicated to the person who is helping me to pay my bills with a commision every month. the identity is confidential.

Tuesday: Old Workload, to take care of those works and do as much as i can that day.

Wednesday: New Sketch day, this day i´ll be online in all my instant messenger account and choose the first person who want some sketches done on live, each for $5 and up to 3 characters you know. This day will hep me to gather extra money to save for anything i might need or i might want. and 1 last rule, any sketch done this day will be public. so anyone who want this must think of these restrictions. If no one is interesed i´ll take the day and continue with the Old workload.

Thursday: Comic Day, this day will be for the comic, designs and pages... the pages wont be made public, but the designs and some curiosities will be ofcorse... the only ones who will see updates on this day will be the ones who already has help with the funds for it...  "Dropbox" will be the system where i´ll update to them the comic =3

Friday: this day is directly affected by the events on every Saturday of this year.  Being the shortest day for me as i need to sleep realy early this day is when i do my Home chores, also this day my Father usually bother me more so hardly be able to work. Anyway, if i manage to do something this day i probably work on the old workload.

Saturday: The Hell day!!... waking up at 4:00 am to be at the military camp i dunno what will be able to do or how tired i´ll be to work that day... after the 2nd i´ll make a better schedule for this day but probably will not do nothing or just some old workload.

Sunday: as any other workman, this day is my rest day... will do nothing of work and try to relax this day, to let go my stress of the week, i´ll probably work on something if i think i need to but probably not. and also if i get a new videogame console and a online game i mostly be online on sundays playing... ask for more details if you want to play with my character Kaede on any game =3

So as you can see, everytime i get free ans its not on sunday will be spend on the old workload, once its done will be spend on New commisions, full commisions... and will have a slot system so my workload will never be as big as it is today...

and to start this here is the design of the main character of the comic, which still has no name aside of the issue name. Thanks for Read this =3