lunes, 26 de agosto de 2013

Slots open again

A Week pass and the Slots are free again... well that was i though until the last clients bought the next week Slots...

1 Slot remains yet...  =)

俳句 森子:


John: Just 1 will be shown. (6 lineart, took to much time to do O30)

Anonymous: posponed for the next week... late description, and other inconveniences.

 Rulez again: 2 character max color commissions, $50 USD, half when ordering and to take the Slot and half when done, NO line art (new), Description must be delivered by Tuesday for too late, after that day will be hard to deliver the commission in time.

viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013

4 Slots!!

Called it, got prepared and finally doing it, the slots are open as soon as you finish reading all the rules, since i need more control abou thtis or will stack up again:

 - 4 Commision Slots per week, each no less of $50USD (can be more, depends on dificulty)

 - the payment will be HALF when the order is taken and HALF when the image is done (here is where i made my mistake the last time, i spend the money before finished the work so..... )

 - All the Slots must be taken by Sunday night, When i start the sketches, after that, i´ll keep silence until tuesday with the clients about the sketches, maybe monday, then until friday, when the images will be delivered and make public.

 - IF there are still free slots by Monday, will be filled with Pak images, the Comic, or Sold to anyone but only for a flat colors image.

 - Saturday, old works... 1 by 1.. every Saturday an old work must be done, no excuses, when no more old works are left to do, will be or pak images or the comic

 - Sunday.... Bloody Sun-day~... why work if one can enjoys a free time, this day is to do some Kaede answers, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate... some proyects like paks or the comic if i feel to, or go out with some friends...

Note: Saturday and Sunday can be switched, since my friends like to go out on saturdays more than on Sundays for some reason =)

Description and sample of a commission:

- Can be any theme, since i started on the Guro art for some reason i only get Guro related works to do, since i do all  the themes except of Scat (still disgusting)... or feet related fetishes (old story)... so from Bondage, to pin-ups to whatever you want can be made.

- 2 Characters max and without background. so the commission can be done quickly and without delays according to the plan.

- Color commision, and will be "cellshaded" or "Flats".. again to make it quick and good looking...
the only samples i have for now =)


Process of getting a Slot and stuff:

- When i made public the "Free Slots" anounce on any of my galleries you must send me an e-mail to "" with the tittle "Slot Petition" and your name... the first 4 will get the slots. If the e-mail has no name, will be discarded. Sample: "Slot Petition - Bob"

- Make sure you have all the money by the time I take your commision, even if you only spend the half for it, the Slot will be definitive until half the payment is confirmed.

- After I reply you back and payment is confirmed, we´ll agree on the spects and description of the image, be creative and give plenty of references of the characters you want.

- If you dont get a Slot this week, you can save a slot for the next one by givin $5, which will be discounted on the commision price the next week (only valid for 1 slot), but before that you and me must agree on that by e-mail first.

- ONE SLOT PER CLIENT, Very important... if you get a slot you can´t get another nor save one for the next week, you must wait to win one slot the next week or to save one for the week after the next one.

-PAYPAL only: since is easy and safe, since i´m selling Drawings, nothing more =3

Notes: Keep contact with me all the time while your commision is being done, this also applies for those who i owe a commission already...

Note to those who already know are special clients by now: We need to chat soon, since many things need to change this also concerns you guys.

Called it!

The job was a scam!!!...

Let me explain briefly:
I was hired with a contract for 30 days, being paid every 15 days, from monday to friday from 9 am to 6:30 pm, on a location 2 and half hours away from home... something common in mexico.

SO... i been puntual, i worked on some kind of marketing design for a new service, I used one that he has already and HE wanted it more or less like that so on the first 3 days the designs were aproved by my boss, was workign alone on a Hotel since the Hotel was a sponsor for my boss. He comand me to start on the next thing and 3 days later more or less he says, "the designs were rejected, lets change them" (here my first Radda Radda entry on the blog)... Then i worked on the next design, This time i proposed something new, something that goes with the marketing theme. again was aproved, and almost send to the press and about to be presented to the media... THIS MONDAY, he want to change all again, just because he saw anothers logo and wanted to "piracy" it.. I rolled my eyes and agreed, (The Boss is always right, even if he is not). So this time HE made all the changes and was 95% involed on the designs... again he aproved them and went to be revised on wednesday.... TODAY (payday), he starts to tell me, "the desings are wrong they have errors here and there and yada yada yada", ofcorse i said that i´ll change them, was a work for about a day or 2... Then he started to say "you dont have creativity and yada yada" where i defended myself that these were HIS designs as HE aproved... silence from him ... He asked me how much time i´ll need to finish the cards "with creativity", i told his that about a week or so... then he told me the catch.

"I wont pay you until the designs are corrected, and every extra day you work on them will not be paid".

BULLSHIT!, i said in my mind... and answer "well i CAN NOT work until you pay me my 15 days i already worked, payme and i´ll do whatever you want"

He refused, then I leave and Quit...

In resume: I just lost 15 days, hardly sleep at all and ended with even more things to pay thanks to this and has no time to pay this month bills and even worse lost 15 days where i easy could finish some old works or win some money selling new commissions!!...

So the emergency plan that i called earlier in the "radda radda entry" will be aplied with several mods.. since a friend told me that charge for the image at the end will be perjudicial to me at the end... Will post a separated process for that in a new entry and on my Galleries.

For now, All who, in a near future, finds a "top 1000 doctores" card, similar to those of X-box cards or I-tunes cards, near the boundries states between MExico and USA, those are from this Scam company and probably will be a fraud, maybe not but i wont be sure anymore.. Thats the only name i´ll say, i have enough troubles getting the money to have law troubles too...

Sorry for the bad news but my life right now are in a death spiral falldown and the crash will be very loud. but nothing that i hasnt survived other times.

viernes, 9 de agosto de 2013

Radda Radda!!

NOTE: keep reading until the end. or else you´ll get a wrong idea. Missunderstanding posibility warning...

Now I know why I did not want to job for anyone... They dont care of creativity, they just care of money...  thats disgusting....

This is a prediction:

I wont last long, or I´ll get Fired or I´ll just quit but I wont last long. Anyone reading this, Specially those who i owe a commision, the plan is still going and your images will be done. But not with the original plan of working in the job and then working aside...

The New plan is actually the old plan, that for some reason went wrong but now i know why and will succed now...
 - 4 Commision Slots per week, each no less of $50USD
 - the payment will be UNTIL the image is done, no after (here is where i made my mistake, i spend the money before finished the work so..... )
 - Only 4 slots, this must be clear enough, if you dont get a slot, wait until the next week... sorry
 - All the Slots must be taken on Monday or Tuesday, when the sketch will be done, after that, i´ll keep silence until friday, when the images will be delivered.
 - IF there is slots free when tuesday is over, will be filled with Pak images or the Comic
 - Saturday, old works... 1 by 1.. every Saturday an old work must be done, no excuses
 - Sunday.... Bloody Sun-day~... why work if one can enjoys a free time, this day is to do some Kaede answers, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate... some proyects like paks or the comic

Why i´m doing this prediction?

First of all, its not for the money thats for sure, in my actual job i swim in money, and I feel bad and disgusted about it...

Netxt... i need to express myself to anyone!!.. my mind set is not for the type of responsability I have in my job, all the success of a whole product campaing, the life of thousands... of inversionist... depends on me... Holly Crab!!.. from just Me depending on Me to almost a whole company... its like a jump into the abysm... a bottomless abysm with just an umbrella..

Then, I´m doing this to have the life i want the way i want. I have shown that i can have a bit of disipline to keep a normal job and i´ll apply that to my drawings. I want to be me to me, yeah being selfish yada yada yada....  I just.. dont like it to be under others command, to do something for a company... something without soul.. or creativity spark...

End of the Rant: So yeah ist just me after the first week of the Job... my payday is at the end of the next week, i have a new "Mac Book Pro" to pay, $2000 Mex Pesos per month and the actuall job pays me 2 of those payments every 2 weeks... so i cant complain about money... i just need to get used to it i guess...

The actuall plan right now is to survive the job, and at night work on the old stuff.. and on weekends the pak and comic... nothing to hard but -- GAH.... First week.. incredible to me

viernes, 2 de agosto de 2013

Got a job and an Amazing Plan!!!... i guess

First, I´ll be taking care of Kaede´s Tumblr again, every  now and then but i´ll try to make it every 2 weeks at least. here the link:

Second, FINALLY GOT A JOB!!!... I have to worry not abou t money for now, so i can get to do the old commisions, in order and with the proper think... since I was to worried about getting money for my bills i started to stack upt on commision, now that is over... YAY!...

Yeah this means, no more new commisions from me until i get to finish all, no request, no anything until new order, after i finish I´ll make a Slot system, of only 5, AND my prices will rise, since the only type of commisions i´ll probably do will be in color, but big difference, you´ll pay until you get your commision done, that means i have no time restrictions to finish, but will be a wonderful 100% inspired commision.

So here is the Plan, from monday to Friday i have to work at my job, so on the nights i´l lwork on the commisions in order that i have them, with the exception of a few from new clients that i dont want to lose yet... on Weekends i´ll work on greater proyects like the comic and paks... and Kaede´s Tumblr... So I´m back on action...

3rd.. YEAH i declare a "screw this" and do the comic anyway, no matter if i get or not the goal of god know´s many dollars... ofcorse if you want it you´ll need to buy it... but now will be a freetime proyect so will be fun, also the paks, no more pre-sale, those who already paid for both will be first served ofcorse.. but after that no more...

Finally, Yeah its time to see my life seriously, more that i was doing it, every Sunday i´ll make a total halt to all my activities and just enjoy what i have, whatever that means at that time (may be a new friend, some commisons or personal drawings to do or just play videogames)..

This is for those who knows that will have speciall rules applied to them, those still applies, even though we can see us on YIM/Skype/ whatever msn.. due time (dam world why you needed to have different times here and there O30)