miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

and now a Guro update

an image wich will be in the freaky pak in color and is now in the "hentaiunited.com" page...

Etna being used as a Flag in the Prinnies Revelion...

and also i say.. Help and artist, buy a pak!.. :3

martes, 20 de septiembre de 2011

Pak #3 Sexy Now on sale!... updated

The Sexy version of the paks are now aviable to purchase... help an artist to keep drawing cool stuff... or at least  to still draw.. :P
Price of the pak $10.. 

code: "sexy 3"
Description: more of the images come from "ojamajo doremi" anime, i´m a big fan of that anime, with one image of Hisen-ko, 1 of Peach, 1 with 2 girls of Advance wars and my OC Kaede promotioning something... more dtails i cant give or else the surprise will be lost... sexy images for those who like sexy girls

the other paks still abiable for $15 each one

code: bloody 2
description: 2 conjoinment images involingdarkstalkers characters, 2 transformation images 1 pot gir and 1 vulba-girl, 2 quadaputee images, and 2 really bloody images.... plus 1 robotic disasemblant enjoying herself, mostly for those who enjoy guro and freakshow...

code: tied 2
description: 5 images involing sodomy and bondage, 4 pinups with various girls from here and there... cans figure them with the thumbtail on the promo... mostly for those who love bondage

and the very first pak at $20.. the final price

code: january 1
description: veri first pak, random images for every one wholikes guro or not, has in color one of my best works i did in 2010 with 3 new pics never seen before this pak... for those brave enought to try out the Guro side of the life...

just choose your favorite
to buy a pak, send a e-mail with the codename of the pak you want and the money, after the payment is confirmed i´ll send back the pak.

also you can find the color images and some good stuff of my images at this page... just need to suscribe :3

artist name "Hitori"...

miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2011

Quick update

Just a quick update of "whats going on here"... :3

These images will be in color on the pack i´m about to finish, and will be in the next page hentaiunited.com (the fisrt one already on the site), a pay per view site, where some of the color versionsof the images i´ve done are there too.. "pay" a visit, you´ll not regret it =3... (its not spam if i, the owner of this blog, make it.. XD)