miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

Mini Peach Mayhem lines

In other news... just that i needed to finish something for this page

line art only here, tried another stile this time... see the full color vertion at "hentai united"

artist: Hitori

PD: the votation continues!! and the headless is being created... 
( need money, need it quick, need to sell paks @-@ )

domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2011

paks options samples

Because my futile attempt to put a sample on the poll... i put the images of every one here...

limbless: Characters in limbless situations, having sex, being humiliated, just looking sexy, artistic etc... not other fetishes aplicable but bondage.

canivalism: most focus on Dinner presentation, design of a good and artistic way to present the cooked human body. behead, quadamputee, stay alive, impale and others might be included but not the main prupose of the image.

potgirls: theyr daily life, funny situations, sad situations, beautifull desings of pot-girls. not other fetishes aplicable

conjointments: might be fused, might be born like that, usually 1 being the victim and usually not being functional for 1 of them, looking mostly sexy and fun. quadamputee and bondage are aplicable but not the main prupose of the image

Furniture Girls: every tipe of transformation into a furniture or inanimated object by medical ways or magical ways, quad amputee, torn in pieces, stay alive aplicable but not the main prupose of the image

Stay alive: by medical ways or magical ways, almost all other fetishes are aplicable but not the main prupose of the image

Bondage: simple use of the ropes and toys for sexual fun, artistically based bondage. Not other guro fetish aplicable
Cut in pieces: by a machine, a monster, another character. willingly or not. Canivalism, behead, quadamputee  not aplicable... (or else become part of the other cathegory).

Impalement: by anything that can impale a human being. sexualy or not. Quadamputee aplicable but not the main prupose of the image.

Here they are, the samples...

BTW: As many already know, and i´m not afraid to say it, i´m what in internet is called "Brony", and i´m one who try to use the concept to expand my horizonts so i started to write a fanfic based on... i´m also a "monster hunter" and i fused the concept in a story... anyone who might be kind enough to read it and give mea comment about it feel free to do it... i´m writeing it following the basic writers rules.. so nothing to special or excepcional... just having fun when have the time... heres the link and please comment!!.. :3


viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011

who will lose their heads

Ok now anouncin quickly who will be in the headless pack... and will cost $10 by the way...

1.- Felicia (darkstalkers) with 9 votes *

2.- Peach (nintendo) with 6 votes *

3.- Katara (avatar) with 6 votes *

4.- May (pokemon) 5 votes -

5.- Sakura (card Captor) 4 votes -

6.- Kaede (my OC) 4 votes *

7.- Usagi (sailor moon) 3 votes -

8.- Sakura (naruto young) 3 votes /

9.- Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid) 3 votes /

10.- Camy (street fighter) 2 votes and coin toss =P /

the ones with (*) will be in color, the ones with (-) will be in gray and the ones with (/) will be in line art only...

they way how they´ll lose theyr heads will be "randoom" , but will be enjoyable to you all.

now to plan the next pak with more time anc calm.. so the votes can gather for more time and see which really will be a good pak... just vote in the poll and tell your friends to vote.. =3