domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2011

paks options samples

Because my futile attempt to put a sample on the poll... i put the images of every one here...

limbless: Characters in limbless situations, having sex, being humiliated, just looking sexy, artistic etc... not other fetishes aplicable but bondage.

canivalism: most focus on Dinner presentation, design of a good and artistic way to present the cooked human body. behead, quadamputee, stay alive, impale and others might be included but not the main prupose of the image.

potgirls: theyr daily life, funny situations, sad situations, beautifull desings of pot-girls. not other fetishes aplicable

conjointments: might be fused, might be born like that, usually 1 being the victim and usually not being functional for 1 of them, looking mostly sexy and fun. quadamputee and bondage are aplicable but not the main prupose of the image

Furniture Girls: every tipe of transformation into a furniture or inanimated object by medical ways or magical ways, quad amputee, torn in pieces, stay alive aplicable but not the main prupose of the image

Stay alive: by medical ways or magical ways, almost all other fetishes are aplicable but not the main prupose of the image

Bondage: simple use of the ropes and toys for sexual fun, artistically based bondage. Not other guro fetish aplicable
Cut in pieces: by a machine, a monster, another character. willingly or not. Canivalism, behead, quadamputee  not aplicable... (or else become part of the other cathegory).

Impalement: by anything that can impale a human being. sexualy or not. Quadamputee aplicable but not the main prupose of the image.

Here they are, the samples...

BTW: As many already know, and i´m not afraid to say it, i´m what in internet is called "Brony", and i´m one who try to use the concept to expand my horizonts so i started to write a fanfic based on... i´m also a "monster hunter" and i fused the concept in a story... anyone who might be kind enough to read it and give mea comment about it feel free to do it... i´m writeing it following the basic writers rules.. so nothing to special or excepcional... just having fun when have the time... heres the link and please comment!!.. :3

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