sábado, 20 de octubre de 2012

Strange request... Challenge acepted!

This is whats happening now...

My Father, the one who always take my money for some pays and emergency bills and almost everytime makes me MAD, makes me the following request.

"I need your help to Gather $10000 mexican pesos to pay the christmas bonus of my employee, i´ll give you the money back in June"

I first think "HE´S NUTS!... its to much money!!" (for the record, right now that its about $850 USD more or less).. now, a few hours later, i think... "ok, no matter how i look at it, its an interesting challenge... i doubt to gather it but i dont lose anything trying to do it"

So... i need ideas...

I have some good clients who i know will support me as i work for them, but still that will be not enough to get the goal. I still need to finish the late works, i still need to finish the limbless pak. and i NEED also to show my father that my work is worthy enough to live from it.

i´m open for ideas, again any donation will be welcome. AND thats all i wanted to share with you. its important. its a challenge.

Thanksyou for your support

image i done of my OC Kaede about a year ago... She is a High Rank "Monster Hunter"

Note: you may ask why i want to help him even when he is driving me mad. Well, even he being anoying and a royal pain in the.... he is a good father, he , in his own way, helped me and trust me, always being honest with me, specially when i decided to be an artist he told me that he doesnt like it, but he did not stop me. He´s my family, and i will help him and all my family (concept of family is subject to change without warning).

domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012

B-day Gift

this is a "gift"... for the birday of Moriko... a good client and very patient one :3... 

also some news, with this my situation is declared, normalizing.. since my father (i hope) will not take any more my money, and has a good "sponsor"... (while i keep doing images for him he will pay me to cover my bills).. i´ll be able to finish all the other works i have now.. sketches and so... i´ll not take more commisions from others if its not necesary... if it is (which means that my father took again my money) i´ll let you know...

this may explain why i been delaying in my works, need money means need to do other works.. and have very short time to do them..  but while i can pay the bills with the help of a single person, i can also work on others without delaying more.. :3

the plan is this year finish all and start the next as fresh as a letuce... :3

in other news the duggestions comes to make a "pregnant" pak... with some of the pregnant images i did to another customer.. but will not be on sale until i finish the others..  the characters will be choosen ran"doom"ly if i need to draw an extra image to complete the pak...

and the image that will be only seen in my blog (due its not guro at all) will have a continuation.. for me i think will be different storylines so the first suggestion.. "pregnant and limbless" is 1 of the favourite ideas, other is to cook her... so will be some images around.. when i finish... 

thanks for your suport..

domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

Japanese is over.... for now

Heres is your friendly and a bit stressed artist Hitori... with some anouncments to .... erh.. anounce...

1.- i been forced to do some errands for my family... thats is the main reason i´m delayed with all your commisions... but fortunately, the things are going swiftly enough with my parents job that i might not be bothered as often as i get the last months so i´ll have more time to work. Spect more images published here.

2.- The Plan: as I realize an "inventory" of all the works i still need to do, mos of them are now sketches or line art.. the most hard works are almost done.. just 1 or 2 still waiting to be done though. So the plan is, to Finish all the Workload Before this year ends, i´m getting funds from a good customer, just enough to survive so i´ll be very selective, if i do not stop taking commisions, for now and until the year ends.

3.- The schedule for the works for now. there are some urgent sketches works that i need to finish, and also the good customer that is helping me, for now those are priority. the "limless pak" would be done for the end of the year, and if eveything goes alright also the "Pak Cut in pieces"... as, i hope, a surprise for Halloween. not much hopes for that last one though.

4.- my Absence here and in Guro chan.... and for that matter, all my galleries (~3~). some of the sketches and lastest commisions have been private, so respecting the customers i must not upload them until they give the permision. Also, i dont like to make blog entries without at least something important to say or something to show. now i have the 2.

5.- Right now, i would be apreciate your help with donations, even a single dollar will be helpful... and remember those "every $100 in donation is a free for all image here"... well i havent forgot about them so, as soon as i finish all those are the next to be done and will be published... suggestions are welcome too.

6.- about the title of this entry. yes.. i needed to stop, as my father needed money i was helping him.. his situation improved but not enough to he repayme to pay the japanese next course, so we decided (my father and I) to wait until better times. For now i must study by myself...

Thank you for your support.

for now a urgent commision, it might get a continuation, all depends on your suggestion... post them in the C-box on the right of this blog