jueves, 29 de mayo de 2014

New way to buy Paks (UDPATE)

yes, this is a quickie... thanks to a comentary to the last post (forgive me if i forgot your name) i am able to sell the Paks in a way that you only need to followo the link, pay and download it.. no more "send me an e-mail".. just pik your pak.. the price needed to be raised since the page also takes its part of the money.

UPDATE: according to the rules of Sellbox... my art is to hardcore to be sold.. so while i find another page just ask for the paks at "hitorijuunin@gmail.com"... the list is at the side of the blog

UPDATE 2: trying another service... and also if anyone knows for a service that specializes in adult pages please let me know..

martes, 27 de mayo de 2014

Patreon Update

I´ve been questioning and researching the Patreon thingy and have, interesting news about it.

1.- It is possible to do... (yay!) .. and would be a NSFW Patreon.

2.- Being NSFW, it have restrictions in content, being honest here I knew that would happen, I mean come on I draw Guro images, not many sites accepts that so Easily. So I´m still planning how to do it so i can still draw guro and the Patreon page wont be censored.

3.- One of the restrictions is, People who might want to help me with the pledges will not be able to use Paypal for that ( Paypal´s NSFW politics), and according with the Patreon Help Service you can pay those with "International or domestic credit cards". Which I dunno if that is a pro or a con for you people. please comment about this...
4.- The Pledges and Milestones are being planned so the Pledges can be enjoy by only the Patrons and the Milestones to be something truly worthy to everyone.  I still accept suggestions about those so please comment about this too.

and here a pretty picture...

jueves, 15 de mayo de 2014

Status update!

First... no, i´m not death... yet... And i apreciate you all of your patience with me, so the least i can do is tell the truth and be honest with all of you.

second.- this is an status update... of all the projects and trying to explain myself of why i´m so delayed and  slow in production...

So... the current projects ( Guro Comic and Cut in pieces Pak) aside of really long waited commissions will be done by September, making haste on the commissions to be done first ASAP. Why? here is my explanation.

I am single, and live with my family (I´m in mexico, is common practice to have big families from grand grand Parents to Grand grand teens in the same house) and the only money i have is the one i do with my drawings. I tried to get a job several times (even now i´m still looking for a job) and all went bad since in Mexico (where i live) the artist has no place in the economy.

So, Because of getting a job  that was a terrible Scam for me (that i was forced to take a job by my family), i ended up "buying" a 2000 USD laptop ($25000 pesos, it had taxes and all that bullshit) for that job and get no paid and get fired after 15 days that i worked with that person. the purchase was done using credit, so monthly i must pay $200 USD to the phone company (the laptop was bought through TELMEX) which provides me with my internet service, so every month if i don't pay, i don't have internet, which means i have no way to deliver or accept new work... pretty bad decision from my part...

PLUS!.. as a countermeasure for that and almost for Status Quo in my house, i have a cellphone plan with internet, so whenever i end without internet i can use the Cellphone and continue working. Problem is it cost me $50 USD more or less monthly, PLUS! i need to "help in the house" with $80 USD every month.

So in total i need about  $330 USD each month, or to sell about 7 drawings each month, or 2 each week, which I think i´m capable of doing... If i weren't constantly interrupted by my family.

My Family here in the house have a workshop... or is the closest word that can describe it... they do clothes, and as "I am free" to them, they send me to the factories that provides the work to do some errands and tasks, each of them take me all day and when i get back I can´t barely work. like that i lost several weeks without doing nothing of the commissions, what make me to putting them to the next week, and then the next, and then the next... ending trying to do 8 or more images in a single week to cover a month. making me to forcefully take new commissions at that month, making my back log even bigger. And i just can´t say no, their home their rules and god help me if i ever try to complain... I want to move to my place, which needs money to do, which i can barely have... can you see my predicament here?.

Now.. after that rant about my somewhat awful life, here is the reason i say that the projects will be done by September or August.

The laptop I bought will be finally paid on August, so my Phone bill will go from $200 per month to $60 Per month. Making me able to cover my month with 4 new images each month... an image per week... so instead of trying to do 2 new images and then completing something from my backlog, I can do a new commission and a back log thing each week... and will let me work in the projects.

ALL COMMISSIONS I¨M DOING WILL BE FINISHED, that must be clear, and sadly i can not give refunds of any of those, since all of the money I get will be probably spend in bills immediately and will have nothing left. The only thing i can do to compensate is making the wait for the job done to worth a lot. QUALITY OVER TIME.

Another theme now that i´m talking here.

PATREON!.. yes PATREON!..  I still dont know what to offer or if its a good idea, but that it is helpful I know for a fact that it is.. so Its up to you, if you want to help me and have enough trust in me even after all what happened with me, that I´ll do or don´t do the Patreon thing.

Here a few ideas for it that the person who gave me the idea proposed.
1.- $5 to start.. this one is debatable since I´ve seen other artist like me with $1 pledge... but they also has works and somewhere else income that i lack.. so.. debatable

2.- after a certain milestone, give a poster or a T-shirt.. just an idea i dunno..

3.- those who really want to support me with more than "X" USD per month.. give an image, and if its more than a certain quantity, give a live stream of that work. I have the means to do it.. But i really dont see a live stream that entertaining... just an idea..

4.- the principal Milestone IS and will be $250... if i get that i´ll have nothing to worry about AND will be able to give better things for further milestones

So any idea of what to give in the Patreon.. will be considered... I´ll have that up on July.. if i get enough comments here and enough support..

Thankyou for listening me and again, for those i sill owe a commission to be done.. I´m sorry

And here some pretty pictures... hope there were more to show O.0 and my galleries... that for some reason i Thought they were well known by now O.0

FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/hitori09/
DA: http://count-vlad-ht.deviantart.com/
HF: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/TanoshyHT/profile
Tumblr: (if you wanna know more about my OC Kaede) http://hmc9-2.tumblr.com/
             (or if you wanna know about her new family) http://greatmappletree.tumblr.com/