martes, 27 de mayo de 2014

Patreon Update

I´ve been questioning and researching the Patreon thingy and have, interesting news about it.

1.- It is possible to do... (yay!) .. and would be a NSFW Patreon.

2.- Being NSFW, it have restrictions in content, being honest here I knew that would happen, I mean come on I draw Guro images, not many sites accepts that so Easily. So I´m still planning how to do it so i can still draw guro and the Patreon page wont be censored.

3.- One of the restrictions is, People who might want to help me with the pledges will not be able to use Paypal for that ( Paypal´s NSFW politics), and according with the Patreon Help Service you can pay those with "International or domestic credit cards". Which I dunno if that is a pro or a con for you people. please comment about this...
4.- The Pledges and Milestones are being planned so the Pledges can be enjoy by only the Patrons and the Milestones to be something truly worthy to everyone.  I still accept suggestions about those so please comment about this too.

and here a pretty picture...

1 comentario:

  1. thank you for the pretty picture <3
    i dont know if there is a point to that service when no guro images can be pledged for... do you know Beast Anime? He's korean i think, he had his work on indiegogo and made a mindboggling 1900 USD with a comic that is... well it's okay i guess.
    i think if you can make a project that includes all the best aspects of your art, you can easily crowd fund a lot of money. you need to advertise on and with explicit images and just collect funds via indiegogo or sellbox
    as long as it contains plenty pretty sexy pictures with dismemberment, like your latest picture, I'm in^^