viernes, 12 de febrero de 2016

Big A- Update

Sorry for not upload anything in some time, but needed to take care of some important things, like my health, my mother´s Health too, actually my grandpa´s Health is in danger too right now but i guess i have time to an update at the moment.

So, some News, my Patreon is updated with new Goals and Rewards. Click the link for more info about the rewards.

As for what will be uploaded in the Patreon Gallery itself, will be dedicated to my new Webcomic I´m doing. A magical Life of a Anthropomorphic Doggy called Enith. Hope to this comic, when ready to be puclished, be on . at least for a time =).

The "cut in pieces" pak will be work now as a general gory pak. Was a big mistake to force the theme of it... =(

Anyway, enough rambling and here the images =)