domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2011

Headless pak official launch...

Today is the day... today the Headless pak is ready to be purchaced and sended inmediately.. all who buy it the last days has been already sended theur respective pak...  if i dont missed any letter of theyr e-mail but.. that would happen..... often...

anyway.. here is the promo of it and official cost its $10... until the next pak is on sale.. and the promotion of the other paks still continues until the end of the year... every pak that i have done cost only $10 USD

I still need to gather those $400 before the year ends.. pleas help an artist and buy a pak! :3


1.- January pak
2.- tied pak
3.- bloody pak
4.- sexy pak
5.- Headless pak

and the characters who will be kept alive while they are mutilated, disasembled, tortured, etc etc etc are these ones:

1.- Samus Aran (Metroid) 10 votes
2.- Lilith (Dark Stalkers) 8 votes
3.- Chell (Portal 2 design) 6 votes
4.- Kaede (My OC) 7 votes
5.- Dawn (Pokemon) 6 votes
6.- Zelda (erh... Zelda games :P) 5 votes
7.- Daisy (nintendo) 4 votes
8.- Hinata (Naruto child ver) 4 votes
9.- Raven (Teen Titans tv series) 3 votes
10.- Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) 3 votes

Thanks for participate =3

martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

Headless Pack about to be done...

And here some surprices for all of you...

1.- every pack from now and until end of year will cost only $10... all of them...
2.- Headles pack qill be on sale un a few days, so you can pre-buy it, so when its done i´ll send it to you
3.- In the next year paks will be a "comic page" which will be continued in the next pak after that.. and so on so.. keep and eye on when the pak is abiable
4.- Thanks.. just need to say that...

and finally an urgent message:
 For this 17th  i need to gather around $400 dlls... if i dont, maybe i wont be able to do the next pak, or for that matter cant draw ever again in a long time... so help an artist in disgrase by buying a pak.. only need to sell 40 of them...

another year is almost gone by now, thankyou all for being patient with me and my troubles... i will recompensate your support by giving you the best of my art every time i draw something new.

Your Trully Guro-Artist: Hitori 

Purchace data:
    Paypal account:
  -Send me an email to that mail telling me which pak you want and where to send it, after the payment is confirmed i´ll send back the pak.