domingo, 30 de diciembre de 2012

Last Entry of the Year 2012

What can i say?.. i owe you guys a lot... Thanks to you all, i survived another year... so here is a slight resume

Even when i wish this year to be the best well, it wasn´t. But tons of new things happen this year that make my world rock and to many twist that make me to almost quit, seriously, the mayan´s were right after all "This year was the end of MY world".. and you know what.. I FEEL FINE!

First of all, and the most important thing, This year i manage to be independent (monetary speaking) of my family, yeah i still live with my parents (where in Mexico is a common thing since the property is expensive here and all prefere to have a secure house than start looking for a new one), but from May, more or less, i start to pay my own bills, to help my father and even buy me some little things to my own pleasure, no much but its a start. all thanks to you and the work you provided me.

Second, and its part also of the first in a different way, my father start to leave me alone so i can work in peace, still its a pain in the "## but now is less that at the start of the year. Still there are to much things i still need to finish because the time my father took from me in his errands and tasks but is less now, i have counted them and there are not much, at least not as much as the beginning of the year (no counting the Free request which will be done at the very last).

3rd, this year i started my legal paperwork to get my VISA and all that stiff to get out of my boring country, i still need another year ti fulfill the requeriments but if everything goes according the plan in 2014 i would be able to move wherever i want in the planet (if i have the money ofcorse), so i´ll start the next year to look for work chances for an artist in other countries, specialy Japan =3

and last, its a shame the money for the comic wasnt enough to make the comic at 100%, the donations are till open to make it a reality. I mean that the comic will be done but until i get the 100% of the money it will be not my priority and will be lauch until the 100% of the money is here.

the delayed works are still on work, for January all the sketches of all the works will be send to all the respective customers, as i also working in a daily schedule, a weekenly schedule and a month schedule... so as i work on some days and weeks, as also i have some fun days that i have not anyone the last year and was AWFUL!.. need some rest.. but need to work.. 


lunes, 10 de diciembre de 2012

Limbless pak Finally done!

i Just finished and sended it to all who purchaces it...

(i got a deliveri failure after send it so someone who dont get it and purchaced it just send me a mail... i got the list of the ones who purchaced it so i will notice the cheaters :3 )

Thanks to be patient... Thank you so much!