viernes, 31 de octubre de 2014

sunday stream

as always posting the images of the live stream and putting the list for the next sunday...

1.- sold
2.- sold
3.- sold
4.- sold
5.- sold

With and extra anouncement.. buy 2 slots (2 characters each slot) for $55 USD..  only this week since it was my B-day and no one remembered it =)... like happen since i was 12... (seriously even I have troubles remembering my B-day O.0 )

and a new little pak for only $6 USD... just line arts for halloween images about the nintendo princess ...
brief description: just a few line art works with the princesses of nintendo being spooky.. and update using the designs i did back in 2010... I include those too so you can see the original designs =)
 here the link to buy it:

jueves, 23 de octubre de 2014

Selling slots for this sunday Live Stream

the slots are on sale and will be held on Picarto this week =)

1.- sold
2.- sold

Images done on the last stream

jueves, 16 de octubre de 2014

Loli Live Stream Sunday Special

As promised every month will be one of these If you want to be part you NEED to send me an e-mail since it will be held at "Skype" and only those who paid will be able to see.

Also since will be through skype everyone will know the others e-mail address so it might be a bit, strange.

So in order to do this and not have everybody in my Skype contact list, only those who pay will receive my Skype address, every other rule about Streams applies here, but can be any age for this special one.


and the images for the last Sunday Stream.

martes, 7 de octubre de 2014

Sunday Live Stream... Success!

But will teak the rulez a bit.. with experience i need to change things a bit... and since will use Picarto.TV for a while need to ad rulz..

1.- Misty Pokemon A - Paid - moved from last week
2.- Misty Pokemon B - Paid -moved from last week
3.- Star Fire and Raven - Paid
4.- Irma (TMNT 80´s) - Paid
5.-Ben and Gwen 10 - Paid
6.- Peach Boo - Paid
7.- Dry Daisy - Paid


0.- PAYPAL ONLY!.... in case you were wondering =)
1.- You must send your request to my e-mail ( )
2.- No Underage characters, I´ll make a special Stream every now and then for those through Skype =)
2.- each image can be up to 2 characters, no more.
3.- each image, if accepted, cost $15 USD per character, that must be send before or the same day of the live-stream. I will not start an image until it is paid.
4.- If you requested an image YOU MUST BE ON THE STREAM, If you are not, I´ll do the next one in line and if by the end you are still not, I´ll take a request from whoever is on the stream and move yours for the next week.(pending update)
5.- THIS IS IMPORTANT, I accept ANY kind of theme to draw, from guro to simple pin ups, don´t be shy and ask if your image may be accepted or not =)
6.- there can be more that 1 image per client.(different versions count as another image)
7.- Finally, have fun and enjoy. Since I´ll do my best to draw something good and nice =)

Now, the rules I will follow:

1.- The Live stream will start every week on the selected day at 12:00 pm, (mexico time), and will stop until the last image is done. I might take a rest between images but no more than 5 minutes.
2.- Only will take 10 request that will be done Live and no more.
3.- I´ll send the full sized image to your mail. and Will post a smaller version on my galleries.
4.- Every Image will be finished with the following quality, no less.
5.- Once every month will be a Loli theme stream for those who might want Loli characters. Will be done through Skype. Ask for my Skype adress