viernes, 31 de octubre de 2014

sunday stream

as always posting the images of the live stream and putting the list for the next sunday...

1.- sold
2.- sold
3.- sold
4.- sold
5.- sold

With and extra anouncement.. buy 2 slots (2 characters each slot) for $55 USD..  only this week since it was my B-day and no one remembered it =)... like happen since i was 12... (seriously even I have troubles remembering my B-day O.0 )

and a new little pak for only $6 USD... just line arts for halloween images about the nintendo princess ...
brief description: just a few line art works with the princesses of nintendo being spooky.. and update using the designs i did back in 2010... I include those too so you can see the original designs =)
 here the link to buy it:

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