sábado, 5 de abril de 2014


First!.. regarding the Pak

As many has tell me now, its been a year since i announced the "cut in pieces" pak and well, nothing else was been said since that... well many things keep happening that male me to delay it, the principal is trying to finish the old commissions and finally got a winning formula for that... just need to keep constant and finally will be able to finish all ...

What that means for the Pak itself, well, will be done soon, in about a month, since i´ll just have 1 day per week to work in that...

The other thing that keep me from finishing it is that, the images and theme was too similar to the "stay alive" pak, and it would be easily be confused with it and i don't like that.. I like my paks to be different..

so for now on, every Saturday will be for pak images, even new ones and will be no more sales of unfinished paks, the finished paks are still available if you want to check them out =)


happen the same to it as the Pak... but here where i left one of the pages.