viernes, 30 de enero de 2015

I have Fury!!!

and the results are in of the contest... and guess what... we lose... and I´m Angry

I´m not angry about the lose, but about WE lose to a piece of shit web comic which is 0% inventive, 0% artistic and 99% bullshit... with just 1 % pretty colors..

I don´t agree with who won but I left that to you to decide, here is the page where the winners are announced.

I´m usually not this negative but need to speak my anger out loud or i´ll explode.

Anyway the plan for that project stands and will be published in another site, blah blah blah, wait for news on that.

BUT, will be some changes on my end and new rules. the most important being...


when an image is done, it is done and will never come back, it just takes time that can be spend in any other thing and just makes me feel in a bad mood. (you know who you are who ask for many alts)

the other rule is that i´ll never take a free request but that almost never happened anyway, just wanted to mention it

anyway here the images of this week:

miércoles, 21 de enero de 2015

january last week of contest

need all your support to win in this last week of votes and rates, here the links

like every page, and rate with a 10 everything =)
There are also vultures and evil people who rate low just to help their friends, even when they draw crap or write crap, or both. I ask you to no do that, I ask you to vote for me 10 but Read it first, since thats what is more important for me and my team.

thankyou anyway =)

If my team win i will be able to drop my prices for sure =)

and the images

martes, 13 de enero de 2015

January Contest!!

and i Mean i´m in a contest =P, but need your help if I want a chance to win.

I, with some friends, entered a web comic contest on "" and the competence is fierce, the deadline is on January 25th and need more high rates on our comic, so please help.

If we win this many wonderful things will happen not only with me and my streams, but also in general for all the art I do, for one will habe a web comic to publish every week and also will start my personal webcomic with my OC Kaede. and For my customers, My prices will drop.

here i left the link to the webcomic, just click the "rate" icon and follow the instructions, you might need a Facebook account to vote. Thank you in advance and wish me luck.

(note: vote for us with a 10 rate )

so here the SLot list for this week:

1.- sold ( transfered from the last week)
2.- sold

and the images done the last sunday:

viernes, 9 de enero de 2015

january first week... Holly Crab! O.0

was a good wek but certanly was exausting... hope i can rest a day the next week and continue with my proyects like the peach pak and the cut in pieces pak

Also, in a new entry will tell you about a contest that I´m trying to win.. just need to prepare some other things for it =)

1.- Sold

and the images of this week...