lunes, 29 de septiembre de 2014

Live Stream Rulz

And with Rulz I mean Rules... ofcorse... yeah..

In order to get more people to watch the stream I´ll stream only on Sunday, since well, its the common day when everybody is free.. This might change over the time accordingly to the people opinions.

Fisrt, rules for taking request for that day:

0.- PAYPAL ONLY!.... in case you were wondering =)
1.- You must send your request to my e-mail ( )
2.- each image can be up to 2 characters, no more.
3.- each image, if accepted, cost $15 USD per character, that must be send before or the same day of the live-stream. I will not start an image until it is paid.
4.- If you requested an image YOU MUST BE ON THE STREAM, If you are not, I´ll do the next one in line and if by the end you are still not, I´ll take a request from whoever is on the stream and move yours for the next week.
5.- THIS IS IMPORTANT, I accept ANY kind of theme to draw, from guro to simple pin ups, dont be shy and ask if your image may be accepted or not =)
6.- there can be more that 1 image per client.(different versions count as another image)
7.- Finally, have fun and enjoy. Since I´ll do my best to draw something good and nice =)

Now, the rules I will follow:

1.- The Live stream will start every week on the selected day at 12:00 pm, (mexico time), and will stop until the last image is done.
2.- Only will take 10 request that will be done Live and no more.
3.- I´ll send the full sized image to your mail. and Will post a smaller version on my galleries.
4.- Every Image will be finished with the following quality, no less.

On the week I´ll post an update of where the stream will be held since, mostly guro for now no many places accept it. I heard Skype can help but I dunno how many people can be in at the same time.

sábado, 27 de septiembre de 2014

Streaming test run results

I tried a Live Stream.. since its being popular and being suggested to me a lot... and here the results...


Since left me with a good income, can do it weekly, end up without debts like in the commission AND left me time to work on my other proyects the rest of the week ..... here the images done yesterday Friday September 26 2014...

Ask me later when will be the next Livestrean, rules and everything...

martes, 23 de septiembre de 2014


Send a comment if you want this pak.. and the cut in pieces pak will be done after this since.. some of the characters to do on that pak is hard to get good ideas for that that works within the universe of each character..

its just a teaser of the pak, will be done soon.. and its being made since i heard that many people wanted these images in color.. and the whole series done =)

STILL NOT FINISHED PRODUCT... will look better than just flat color.. but as the blog was silent for a while wanted to do an update =)