domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2011

Headless pak official launch...

Today is the day... today the Headless pak is ready to be purchaced and sended inmediately.. all who buy it the last days has been already sended theur respective pak...  if i dont missed any letter of theyr e-mail but.. that would happen..... often...

anyway.. here is the promo of it and official cost its $10... until the next pak is on sale.. and the promotion of the other paks still continues until the end of the year... every pak that i have done cost only $10 USD

I still need to gather those $400 before the year ends.. pleas help an artist and buy a pak! :3


1.- January pak
2.- tied pak
3.- bloody pak
4.- sexy pak
5.- Headless pak

and the characters who will be kept alive while they are mutilated, disasembled, tortured, etc etc etc are these ones:

1.- Samus Aran (Metroid) 10 votes
2.- Lilith (Dark Stalkers) 8 votes
3.- Chell (Portal 2 design) 6 votes
4.- Kaede (My OC) 7 votes
5.- Dawn (Pokemon) 6 votes
6.- Zelda (erh... Zelda games :P) 5 votes
7.- Daisy (nintendo) 4 votes
8.- Hinata (Naruto child ver) 4 votes
9.- Raven (Teen Titans tv series) 3 votes
10.- Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) 3 votes

Thanks for participate =3

martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

Headless Pack about to be done...

And here some surprices for all of you...

1.- every pack from now and until end of year will cost only $10... all of them...
2.- Headles pack qill be on sale un a few days, so you can pre-buy it, so when its done i´ll send it to you
3.- In the next year paks will be a "comic page" which will be continued in the next pak after that.. and so on so.. keep and eye on when the pak is abiable
4.- Thanks.. just need to say that...

and finally an urgent message:
 For this 17th  i need to gather around $400 dlls... if i dont, maybe i wont be able to do the next pak, or for that matter cant draw ever again in a long time... so help an artist in disgrase by buying a pak.. only need to sell 40 of them...

another year is almost gone by now, thankyou all for being patient with me and my troubles... i will recompensate your support by giving you the best of my art every time i draw something new.

Your Trully Guro-Artist: Hitori 

Purchace data:
    Paypal account:
  -Send me an email to that mail telling me which pak you want and where to send it, after the payment is confirmed i´ll send back the pak.

miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

Mini Peach Mayhem lines

In other news... just that i needed to finish something for this page

line art only here, tried another stile this time... see the full color vertion at "hentai united"

artist: Hitori

PD: the votation continues!! and the headless is being created... 
( need money, need it quick, need to sell paks @-@ )

domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2011

paks options samples

Because my futile attempt to put a sample on the poll... i put the images of every one here...

limbless: Characters in limbless situations, having sex, being humiliated, just looking sexy, artistic etc... not other fetishes aplicable but bondage.

canivalism: most focus on Dinner presentation, design of a good and artistic way to present the cooked human body. behead, quadamputee, stay alive, impale and others might be included but not the main prupose of the image.

potgirls: theyr daily life, funny situations, sad situations, beautifull desings of pot-girls. not other fetishes aplicable

conjointments: might be fused, might be born like that, usually 1 being the victim and usually not being functional for 1 of them, looking mostly sexy and fun. quadamputee and bondage are aplicable but not the main prupose of the image

Furniture Girls: every tipe of transformation into a furniture or inanimated object by medical ways or magical ways, quad amputee, torn in pieces, stay alive aplicable but not the main prupose of the image

Stay alive: by medical ways or magical ways, almost all other fetishes are aplicable but not the main prupose of the image

Bondage: simple use of the ropes and toys for sexual fun, artistically based bondage. Not other guro fetish aplicable
Cut in pieces: by a machine, a monster, another character. willingly or not. Canivalism, behead, quadamputee  not aplicable... (or else become part of the other cathegory).

Impalement: by anything that can impale a human being. sexualy or not. Quadamputee aplicable but not the main prupose of the image.

Here they are, the samples...

BTW: As many already know, and i´m not afraid to say it, i´m what in internet is called "Brony", and i´m one who try to use the concept to expand my horizonts so i started to write a fanfic based on... i´m also a "monster hunter" and i fused the concept in a story... anyone who might be kind enough to read it and give mea comment about it feel free to do it... i´m writeing it following the basic writers rules.. so nothing to special or excepcional... just having fun when have the time... heres the link and please comment!!.. :3

viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011

who will lose their heads

Ok now anouncin quickly who will be in the headless pack... and will cost $10 by the way...

1.- Felicia (darkstalkers) with 9 votes *

2.- Peach (nintendo) with 6 votes *

3.- Katara (avatar) with 6 votes *

4.- May (pokemon) 5 votes -

5.- Sakura (card Captor) 4 votes -

6.- Kaede (my OC) 4 votes *

7.- Usagi (sailor moon) 3 votes -

8.- Sakura (naruto young) 3 votes /

9.- Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid) 3 votes /

10.- Camy (street fighter) 2 votes and coin toss =P /

the ones with (*) will be in color, the ones with (-) will be in gray and the ones with (/) will be in line art only...

they way how they´ll lose theyr heads will be "randoom" , but will be enjoyable to you all.

now to plan the next pak with more time anc calm.. so the votes can gather for more time and see which really will be a good pak... just vote in the poll and tell your friends to vote.. =3

miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

and now a Guro update

an image wich will be in the freaky pak in color and is now in the "" page...

Etna being used as a Flag in the Prinnies Revelion...

and also i say.. Help and artist, buy a pak!.. :3

martes, 20 de septiembre de 2011

Pak #3 Sexy Now on sale!... updated

The Sexy version of the paks are now aviable to purchase... help an artist to keep drawing cool stuff... or at least  to still draw.. :P
Price of the pak $10.. 

code: "sexy 3"
Description: more of the images come from "ojamajo doremi" anime, i´m a big fan of that anime, with one image of Hisen-ko, 1 of Peach, 1 with 2 girls of Advance wars and my OC Kaede promotioning something... more dtails i cant give or else the surprise will be lost... sexy images for those who like sexy girls

the other paks still abiable for $15 each one

code: bloody 2
description: 2 conjoinment images involingdarkstalkers characters, 2 transformation images 1 pot gir and 1 vulba-girl, 2 quadaputee images, and 2 really bloody images.... plus 1 robotic disasemblant enjoying herself, mostly for those who enjoy guro and freakshow...

code: tied 2
description: 5 images involing sodomy and bondage, 4 pinups with various girls from here and there... cans figure them with the thumbtail on the promo... mostly for those who love bondage

and the very first pak at $20.. the final price

code: january 1
description: veri first pak, random images for every one wholikes guro or not, has in color one of my best works i did in 2010 with 3 new pics never seen before this pak... for those brave enought to try out the Guro side of the life...

just choose your favorite
to buy a pak, send a e-mail with the codename of the pak you want and the money, after the payment is confirmed i´ll send back the pak.

also you can find the color images and some good stuff of my images at this page... just need to suscribe :3

artist name "Hitori"...

miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2011

Quick update

Just a quick update of "whats going on here"... :3

These images will be in color on the pack i´m about to finish, and will be in the next page (the fisrt one already on the site), a pay per view site, where some of the color versionsof the images i´ve done are there too.. "pay" a visit, you´ll not regret it =3... (its not spam if i, the owner of this blog, make it.. XD)

viernes, 19 de agosto de 2011

New PC on Test progam

The New PC is , GOOD, works well with the programs i need, the graphics are good, not the best but good enough, actually tested on some "heavy" programs about graphics. So the test are about to end, just need to test myself in "how much time i need to finish the images", the first one has been done, a test i say again (and also needed some quick money to pay the PC credit on time) SO... i can´t say how much it took but what  i can say is erhh... for now what would be an stimated time is a week per image, working half  a day and at a relax rithm... still need to verify some viariables and unpredictable events and failures... as every thing in life... so its just a esstimated, not an official, just estimated, simply estimated, that is.

presenting the test subje... i mean, test images... the black and withe one was to chek how well the pentablet works, and how speedy also.. and well, was a success. the second one in color, usin a timer, was to tesd how much time i need per image... from zero, from the blank canvas, from.. ah you know what i mean... and again was satisfactory... i think it can be done in less time, for that i need more tests, and take notes for each time, like the time in the ink process itself.. got some images who needs inks only... and all that stuff.. so.. will be an interesting month... i´ll do the test on the images i have in "stand by" to finally finish them.. actually working on one of them at the moment of this blog entry... so... erhhh, so wait for future updates here in the blog... yeah... i´ll try to dont dissapoint you. thanks for your patience again!! thank you so much!

(note: Portal 2 character "wealthy" talk way is to.. stiky... i get it stuck in my head... hope that would become a problem)

sábado, 30 de julio de 2011

Anounce, help an artist in disgrace

Anouncing that, somehow, i`m working on the new paks to sell, like the last time will be 1 for those who likes guro and other for ones who dont. the money of these paks will be used to buy me a new PC (finally) and to finally finish what i have in "stand by". the goal is $1300

when the new paks are on sale, the old ones price will rise, being the next the prices...

jan pak: from $15 to $20 (wich will be the max price of all at the end)
tied pak and bloody pak: from $10 to $15
the new paks: will start in $10

so, if you want the bloddy and tied pak for $10 each ask for them now before its too late...

thankyou for your support and have a nice "guro" day X3, also sharing a image i done when was able to "Role play" when this PC at least work...

is the best i can do for now

miércoles, 1 de junio de 2011

the worst week until now... ~3~

hi, here HItori, the artist of DA, Furaffinity and gurochan... and other places...

this message is in first place to all who i own a commision, in color and in line art... to update the status of them aside of what will happend the next days that maybe change the status of the same (for more delay, or maybe to be finished in the next month)...

since the lost of the last PC, i was in the situation of can´t work color at all... my actuall PC can´t support it, andwhen tryin its get very very slow, so i ended frustrated and angry... there where a temporary solution, instalin windows 7 in a "not so right" version, to continue workin and try to get some money for a new PC... i was waiting for microsoft to stop this version some day, and that day comes today... i tried by every way, so much craks and all that stuff to solve it for a while but can´t find a solution... so, maybe i´ll lost my actuall PC in the next days, while the "trial-version time" end.

all the works are safe, fortunately, waiting for this day, uknowing when it will happen, i bought a portable diskdrive, and tranfere all the data to that thing, so this time i wont lose anything, and when purchase a new PC, or buy the Windows original, cant back to work again on those images.

and then, i have only 2 posible solutions:
1.- buy a PC... with a good RAM memory and graphic card. this solution will make me to draw again in color, so all the really delayed commisions will be finished finally without more frustration... making this solution the best option, but the most expensive.

2.- buy the Windows 7... only to continue like i´m now... the color process will be still slow, because the PC RAM and all that stuff wil be the same.. makin this solution, a temporary one, but the cheaper.

for myself alone... both are imposible, right now... dont have enough money for nothin... so i asked for help to my family... and maybe i´ll find a good solution with them... but still is very dificult... 

i´m not asking for help to you with this e-mail, just patient to all who i still own works.

thanks for take some time to read this... and i wish can get a quick enough solution... and get back with what will happen after that...

best of luck and apretiation...

Hitori, the artist...

jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011

Paks list...

i put the list of the paks actually on sale... and the price of each... help an artist to continue drawing some fantasies... each one has 10 images and hase 3 color images... the january pak has more images but its an execption...

the january pak... cost $15... for now.. 

basically this contains my bests works of 2010 in color and a few new ones... most of them is also body mods and strange situations

the tied pak... $10 for now
this one doesnt have any guro themed images, just sexy and well "warped" images... 

the bloody pak... $10 for now

this one has only guro themed images, 3 bloody, 3 limbless and 4 freakshow images... not for anyone :3

the special promotional of the bloody pak... just a special gift... 

if anyone wants one of the pak just send me a e-mail to " " and the payment to this paypal account... " "... when i confirm the payment i send you back the pak... 

miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011

Update 06-04-2011

been a while huh?... but i´m still alive... and almost totally crazy because i can´t finish the works i have... so i decided to ignore all and focus on 1 at time... so maybe some works will be delayed... more... but will be eventually done..

for now this is an update of what i have done... until now...

first, this one, which is a commision and will be colored.. eventually... that i took so much time to think about how it will looks and the background and thats stuff... i think it worth to be colored.. 

a continuation of a image sumbited some time ago... the mostly obious continuation... 

another continuation... no more comments... 

image for cover of a "freakshow" story that i´m thinkin... still in brainstorm process...

and finally a comic commision, page 1 of 9, others still in process...

domingo, 20 de febrero de 2011

UPDATE!!! 20 feb 2011

its an update of what i have to show.. and these images has nothing to do with the list so thats why is in a new entry...
commision: his character Carmen who already has not her right leg from the knee, in a demostration in how the beheading proces is using a cleaver or and axe... aparently is more painful :P

commision: twin sisters and a bulling par, they ever does what they wanted, even in this pic, they wanted it... and they got it.. :P

Commision: Natara being beheaded like a musulman (nothing againts them), aparently she does something to deserve it... 

commision: Natara after her execution... need to explain? XD

Commision: other who want to die... i think she only wanted an honorable death... duno why she wanted it...