domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2011

Headless pak official launch...

Today is the day... today the Headless pak is ready to be purchaced and sended inmediately.. all who buy it the last days has been already sended theur respective pak...  if i dont missed any letter of theyr e-mail but.. that would happen..... often...

anyway.. here is the promo of it and official cost its $10... until the next pak is on sale.. and the promotion of the other paks still continues until the end of the year... every pak that i have done cost only $10 USD

I still need to gather those $400 before the year ends.. pleas help an artist and buy a pak! :3


1.- January pak
2.- tied pak
3.- bloody pak
4.- sexy pak
5.- Headless pak

and the characters who will be kept alive while they are mutilated, disasembled, tortured, etc etc etc are these ones:

1.- Samus Aran (Metroid) 10 votes
2.- Lilith (Dark Stalkers) 8 votes
3.- Chell (Portal 2 design) 6 votes
4.- Kaede (My OC) 7 votes
5.- Dawn (Pokemon) 6 votes
6.- Zelda (erh... Zelda games :P) 5 votes
7.- Daisy (nintendo) 4 votes
8.- Hinata (Naruto child ver) 4 votes
9.- Raven (Teen Titans tv series) 3 votes
10.- Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) 3 votes

Thanks for participate =3

3 comentarios:

  1. It will be a digital copy when I buy it right?

  2. how can i purchase this headless paks...??? please inform me a.s.ap....thanks... :)