domingo, 1 de enero de 2012


I wish you to have a very good year this 2012... and hope that something interesting happen actually...

This is my gift, and my way to say Thanks... the same way my character Kaede likes to say it... taking her head off (not mine, HER head :P) and present it to all fo you..

Anyway, i need to thank you all who supported me, all who have patience with me, and avery one who are fan of my drawings and my ideas... this 2012 comes with new wishes, new promises and for me new challenges...

First of all: the next pak, officialy called the "stay alive pak" is abiable for preorder starting  right now, and will be released in January 23th. Just send the money to my paypal account and a mail where you want to receive the pak and anyother pak you want.

For safety, and after heard of many issues with paypal from other artist, please do not mention anything about the theme or the content or even what is it for in the comments on paypal, just the word "pak".. so i would know for what is what money income... If you pay for a commision just put the word "COMMISION".

The price of the pre-sale of the pak is $10, and the "Headless pak", if you still not purchased it yet, still cost $10 until the next pak is released. The other paks will be anounced the price at the end of this blog entry.

Next. The votation of the theme for the next pak ends on Januray 14th, so i´ll give you from january 15th to january 23th to select the characters you want to be in the next pak.

This year, my goal every month is to achieve $200, which i need to pay my PC and phone bills and the "rent" of my house. (I live with my parents but they want me to cooperate with the house incomes and other stuff T3T). If i, with your help, can make that monthly, i would progress to the next phase of my life, move to my own house.

And to finish this, all the works i still have to do will be done between pak seasons, and i will stop taking many commisions unless they are very promising or i really need the money quickly. SO everything will be done eventually, EVERYTHING...  i had not forgett those images i had in wait for so long... really, i´m not lieing...

I plan to do a WEB comic, which will be a page in every pak if its posible,  and Kaede is... erh... the center of the story, not the main character ´cause unfortunately she is nearly a "Mary Sue" type character and i dont like storyes with that kind of characters. All depends on how much time i have to write the story, to draw it, and if i feel inspired to do it..


Pak codename and Price:

0.- Zero Pak (before January pak): $20
1.- Tied Pak : $15
2.- Bloody Pak: $15
3.- Sexy Pak: $15
4.- Headless Pak: $10
5.- Stay Alive pak (pre-order): $10

Total for all the paks: $85 (including pre-order)

Wholesale Price (all the paks with 1 payment including pre-order) : $70

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