lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Theme pak decided

Actually its been decided 2 themes cause the number of votation each has, it would be pointless it i make a votation knowing that the one who was placed in 2nd place here will win  so the next 2 paks theme are decided, now just need to see which characters will be: 1.- dismembered and 2.- Cut in many pieces

Also, i suggest you to send me suggestions about what situations you want to see knowing the theme, i dunno, maybe one of your siuggestions make into the pak :3. Just put the suggestion by commentin "THIS" blog entry.

So the next pak codename is "Limbless Pak", and after that the next one is "Cut Pak"...

The "Stay alive" pak will be ready on time ( if everything goes alwright) so stay tuned, if something bad happens i´ll let you know.

Hitori the Artist

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