lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

Characters Decided and News

Ok 3:20 am here and still workin on the "Stay Alive pak", yes, i´m delayed, i lose to much time with family busynes and other things, but don´t worry, i´ll have the pak finished today (January 23rd) or the day after. (How, i dunno but i will)

So everythin is almost goin as planned, the Characters has been selected and this is the official list of the girls who will lose theyr limbs:

-Star Fire (Teen Titans TV)        10 votes
-Gwen (Ben 10)                         10 votes
-Kaede (my OC)                       09 votes
-Peach and company (nintendo) 08 votes
-Ranma Chan (Ranma 1/2)         07 votes
- Violet (The Incredibles)            06 votes
- Bulma teen (Dragon Ball)         03 votes
- Human Fluttershy (MLP:FiM)  02 votes
- Female Monster Hunter Kirin* 02 votes
- Roll.exe (Megaman BN)          02 votes and a cointoss

The "limbless" pak is planned to be started on February 6th, givin me time to finish some old commisions i have to do and rest a bit, and will be released (IF everything goes acordin to the plan) on February 20th.

In other News: thanks for all the support you gave me these days and making me able to get $200 this month, to say thanks in my way i open a Twitter account for anything you want to ask me or to ask to my Original Character Kaede anything you want... what you can not ask to us?.. simple.. SCAT... anything else is OK.. or so she says.

Also i opened a Tumblr account for exclusively Kaede and her "world", inspired by the many "ask to..." Tumblr accounts i saw recently, and also will have from time to time ilustrations answerin some questions.

there are the accounts...




Come on!, Help me to improve.... or for that matter, Help me to go insane! XD

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