martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

Lastest News... Fail =3=

This is an apology.

the last weeks, that almost is a month, i been working "forcedly" in my parents workshop leaving me to tired and to angry to draw at nights... what was suposed i would do to overcome with both "jobs" but, it overwhelm me and.. well you know what happen.... unable to finish what i´m suposed to be finishing ...

Right now ipm workin on the pak... the last details of the last 3 images i left to do... and will take a week to finish or do part of the images that many people commisioned me, so i´m not acepting anymore commisions right now... and maybe, i´ll never acept another one in a long time.

After the current pak is done, the next one, "the limbless pak" will be on pre-sale,  the date to be started will be on 20th IF i finish the current pak for tomorrow night...  if not will be started on 24th... and will be finished between march 10th or march 17th...

To make amends, and knowing that i´ll dont have any other way to get money the next month. All the paks but the last 2 will cost $12, until the limbless pak is released... just to survive the next month and dont go out of business permanently...

i´m very sorry with you all, i know i disapointed you. But i´ll make amends and will move forward, trying to be a better artist, and a better person. If you still wanna follow me on my art-way, thankyou.

Limbless pak characters:

-Star Fire (Teen Titans TV)        10 votes
-Gwen (Ben 10)                         10 votes
-Kaede (my OC)                       09 votes
-Peach and company (nintendo) 08 votes
-Ranma Chan (Ranma 1/2)         07 votes
- Violet (The Incredibles)            06 votes
- Bulma teen (Dragon Ball)         03 votes
- Human Fluttershy (MLP:FiM)  02 votes
- Female Monster Hunter Kirin* 02 votes
- Roll.exe (Megaman BN)          02 votes and a cointoss


Paks Codes:

0.- Zero Pak (before January pak): $12
1.- Tied Pak : $12
2.- Bloody Pak: $12
3.- Sexy Pak: $12
4.- Headless Pak: $10
5.- Stay Alive pak (pre-order): $10


And again.... Sorry... =3=

Previews of the color images for the "Stay alive pak"

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