viernes, 24 de mayo de 2013

Cut in Pieces Pak about to be done

yeah, cause i need money to pay and need it now.... sheesh i hate when i´m driven by money... i dislike that!! argh!!!

anyway, this pak cost in pre-sale $15... and will cost $20... why?

well this will be the first pak were ALL THE IMAGES WILL BE IN COLOR!!!

why is that?... because i want it... and i left a preview of the first image, the Gwen image...

the theme of the pak is "Cut in Pieces" or "Sliced", so all the pieces of the characters are clean cuts, like in a butchery or lasers... its a hard theme to come with but its looking good i think...

thankyou for your suppor, patiente and to read all this nonesense =)

lunes, 6 de mayo de 2013

a commision done and interesting site

New image.. commision from an anonymous person... to share with everyone... FINALLY!!.. was not a pivate commision!!

and i found an interesting site that would be useful to the comic...

Remember how "Kickstarter" dont allow adult proyects.. or ar far as i know it dont allow in their site, well this one is for that kind of proyects and the comic might fit in this new page... so i probably move to that site, but first want your opinion. Whould be a good idea?