lunes, 21 de julio de 2014

Cellphone Entry call for Help!

Been several weeks since an idiot crashed on a light post near my house and made the technicians to cut my phone line cables.. and since then there were no response about fixing it. The company in charge is called TELMEX.. if you know anyone in mexico suggest him to change to another company ASAP..

Now the important thing, since then i been using my cellphone Internet service and it is about to expire in a few days, cant actually send any work or hardly communicate. So this is a calling for HELP.

I´m about to make a "contract" with a new Internet service with another company, But it cost a bit... about $35 USD per month, not much. thanks to the latest "money from the paks" i already have enough to cover the actual phone tax but I will not touch that money, so I just ask for this kind of HELP, just help me to sell more paks.


BTW, talking about paks, the "cut in pieces pak" is still programmed after August. and if everything goes allright i´ll be able to offer another pak, this time of a series of images that many fans have asked since forever...  this pak will be all in color, and about 9 images or 10 if I come with a new idea for a last image.

here a tease of it...

jueves, 10 de julio de 2014

New Unspected Pak

Yes, even I didnt know I can make a pak out of it... This was a long term commission comic that i never publish because i wanted to publish it whole. Just the first 2 or 3 pages are outhere in a pay per view page but that page dont want any gore on it.. almost abandoned by me at this point until i find new art to add.

So yeah.. This is a comic pak. My First guro comic ever published. with a true teaser. the comic has 8 pages.

here the button to buy it: buy