lunes, 30 de diciembre de 2013

Happy newyear

First: the pak still in works.. be ready for it by January... for real this time..

Second: 2 webcomics start on March... 1.- the guro comic... will be ongoing with the pak of the first tome delivered to those who fund the proyect.. and 2.- the Mapple Tree story... which is about Kaede´s background story and her new family... all answers will be questioned!! XP

third.- the webcomic will be a pay per view thingy... once i learn how to do it.. first 5 page of each will be posted here, when done..

last.- all commisions in "stand by mode" will be done... dont worry about it.. worry when i disapear for a year...

俳句 森子:

anonimous K

and others: 

domingo, 20 de octubre de 2013

opening Slots... changing some rulz

Images to be done in the following 2 days:

0.- anonymous

1.- 俳句 森子

2.- anonimous K

3.- Quercus

4.- 俳句 森子2

why 8 this time... i`ll use 2 weeks... and deliver every 2 weeks... I`m patching and revicing my work sistem constantly to have more eficiency... unfortunately i had no time left in the last system so increasing from 7 to 14 days to do the work i might be able to finish in time this time...

New rulz:
-in the e-mail asking for the slot send me also how you want to be known in the slot... if nt i`ll use your e-mail username and as far as i know someones dont like that at all... the anonimous for example...
-will no stretch the last rulz... i mean for some images i add extra characters or situations if needed but no more.. that only takes more time and make me to delay...  this is no negotiable...

wish me luck for this...

lunes, 14 de octubre de 2013

Slots finally updated

0.- anonymous (to this week finally)

1.- 俳句 森子 /half paid/

2.- anonimous K /half paid/

3.- Quercus

4.- 俳句 森子2

for some reason this blog dont want me to update so i needed to update this by an entry... 

martes, 8 de octubre de 2013


Images of this "week" and a half

1.- 俳句 森子:

2.- Anonimous: 

3.- Quercus:

4.- Pixel:

5.- Kyle S:

extras, images which were late to publish the last week:

martes, 24 de septiembre de 2013

This week images...

1.- 俳句 森子

 Lots of variants.. no much to change.... her skin roasted was why i did many variants....

2.- Vixendefea : (payment pending)

3.- Gojiro, (life happens to both, image being in process)

miércoles, 11 de septiembre de 2013

week images

this week iamges... and please when you buy a slot, send the information ASAP... or be sure to have in mind what you want... i´m still waiting for the "anonymous" image info... even so he paid in time and all...

1.- 俳句 森子

2.- Gojiro

3.- Vixendefea

4.- anonymous (pending com info)