domingo, 20 de octubre de 2013

opening Slots... changing some rulz

Images to be done in the following 2 days:

0.- anonymous

1.- 俳句 森子

2.- anonimous K

3.- Quercus

4.- 俳句 森子2

why 8 this time... i`ll use 2 weeks... and deliver every 2 weeks... I`m patching and revicing my work sistem constantly to have more eficiency... unfortunately i had no time left in the last system so increasing from 7 to 14 days to do the work i might be able to finish in time this time...

New rulz:
-in the e-mail asking for the slot send me also how you want to be known in the slot... if nt i`ll use your e-mail username and as far as i know someones dont like that at all... the anonimous for example...
-will no stretch the last rulz... i mean for some images i add extra characters or situations if needed but no more.. that only takes more time and make me to delay...  this is no negotiable...

wish me luck for this...

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  1. merry christmas!
    is the cut in pieces pak still in the works?