martes, 12 de mayo de 2015

This week there is something to report

After a while thinking and some question asked.. time to put in motion the Patreon thingy... as soon as I get pass the problem of getting paid there through paypal AND have an adult theme patreon, the rulez forbid that any adult patreon be paid through paypal and that's a problem.

Any suggestion will be welcome.

Second, I need that extra money, the plans are in motion to get the hell out of Mexico and go to Japan for ever. as many who had followed me on my streams, I don't have any praise for my country, to a level that i´m ashamed to be Mexican. But to leave and live where I can feel good will need a lot of money every month. more that you provide me at the moment.

The idea here is, as a "reward" I think its called, for your contribution you´ll have access to a special stream day, and for a big donation, a "free" image every month (which will be a limited reward to a select few people).  Other reward must be think about and the amount of money that reward is value. I need your opinions about this here this time.. and I´m serious.

If you ask, "Why japan?", well easy, it has better chances for artist to publish their work. I mean look at how many manga they print, and most of them really sucks in one area or another. ( art, story telling, both). So if they can, why not me.

anyway here the images for this week and some complete series of images.