sábado, 27 de julio de 2013

Job Failure and other Strange Things

An update only.

First, sorry to all who i still owe a commision or commisions to finish, again... in my search of job i been forced to do some "test" to try to get in somewere... no worry all the commisions will be done after i´m done with geting a job, since i wont get to worry about money anymore and i can use the free time to finish those properly.

Second, the first attempt and interview well... didnt get the job, close enough for my first try but geting close isnt enough... i use all my backup money and i´m broke now... not a single penny/cent, i´ll rely on selling some stuff here and there to get some cash while getting a job... donations are welcome =P

3rd, I started to lose "the fun factor" while drawing, something that happens when start to work just for money, so i decide to continue the "ask Kaede" Tumblr every now and then, as you might now i prety much abandoned it to try to get back on the commisions and job and epic failed... shame on me I know. and I´ll start with some "Nichijou" (日常) or daily life of Kaede and Kyky, and some other guest that Kaede knows and interacts with...  here is the link to the Tumblr page

4th, concerning the ask Tumblr, right now Kaede is interacting with another that she and I likes... interesting story that it will be i think so give it a try =3...