viernes, 19 de agosto de 2011

New PC on Test progam

The New PC is , GOOD, works well with the programs i need, the graphics are good, not the best but good enough, actually tested on some "heavy" programs about graphics. So the test are about to end, just need to test myself in "how much time i need to finish the images", the first one has been done, a test i say again (and also needed some quick money to pay the PC credit on time) SO... i can´t say how much it took but what  i can say is erhh... for now what would be an stimated time is a week per image, working half  a day and at a relax rithm... still need to verify some viariables and unpredictable events and failures... as every thing in life... so its just a esstimated, not an official, just estimated, simply estimated, that is.

presenting the test subje... i mean, test images... the black and withe one was to chek how well the pentablet works, and how speedy also.. and well, was a success. the second one in color, usin a timer, was to tesd how much time i need per image... from zero, from the blank canvas, from.. ah you know what i mean... and again was satisfactory... i think it can be done in less time, for that i need more tests, and take notes for each time, like the time in the ink process itself.. got some images who needs inks only... and all that stuff.. so.. will be an interesting month... i´ll do the test on the images i have in "stand by" to finally finish them.. actually working on one of them at the moment of this blog entry... so... erhhh, so wait for future updates here in the blog... yeah... i´ll try to dont dissapoint you. thanks for your patience again!! thank you so much!

(note: Portal 2 character "wealthy" talk way is to.. stiky... i get it stuck in my head... hope that would become a problem)

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