sábado, 30 de julio de 2011

Anounce, help an artist in disgrace

Anouncing that, somehow, i`m working on the new paks to sell, like the last time will be 1 for those who likes guro and other for ones who dont. the money of these paks will be used to buy me a new PC (finally) and to finally finish what i have in "stand by". the goal is $1300

when the new paks are on sale, the old ones price will rise, being the next the prices...

jan pak: from $15 to $20 (wich will be the max price of all at the end)
tied pak and bloody pak: from $10 to $15
the new paks: will start in $10

so, if you want the bloddy and tied pak for $10 each ask for them now before its too late...

thankyou for your support and have a nice "guro" day X3, also sharing a image i done when was able to "Role play" when this PC at least work...

is the best i can do for now

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