martes, 7 de octubre de 2014

Sunday Live Stream... Success!

But will teak the rulez a bit.. with experience i need to change things a bit... and since will use Picarto.TV for a while need to ad rulz..

1.- Misty Pokemon A - Paid - moved from last week
2.- Misty Pokemon B - Paid -moved from last week
3.- Star Fire and Raven - Paid
4.- Irma (TMNT 80´s) - Paid
5.-Ben and Gwen 10 - Paid
6.- Peach Boo - Paid
7.- Dry Daisy - Paid


0.- PAYPAL ONLY!.... in case you were wondering =)
1.- You must send your request to my e-mail ( )
2.- No Underage characters, I´ll make a special Stream every now and then for those through Skype =)
2.- each image can be up to 2 characters, no more.
3.- each image, if accepted, cost $15 USD per character, that must be send before or the same day of the live-stream. I will not start an image until it is paid.
4.- If you requested an image YOU MUST BE ON THE STREAM, If you are not, I´ll do the next one in line and if by the end you are still not, I´ll take a request from whoever is on the stream and move yours for the next week.(pending update)
5.- THIS IS IMPORTANT, I accept ANY kind of theme to draw, from guro to simple pin ups, don´t be shy and ask if your image may be accepted or not =)
6.- there can be more that 1 image per client.(different versions count as another image)
7.- Finally, have fun and enjoy. Since I´ll do my best to draw something good and nice =)

Now, the rules I will follow:

1.- The Live stream will start every week on the selected day at 12:00 pm, (mexico time), and will stop until the last image is done. I might take a rest between images but no more than 5 minutes.
2.- Only will take 10 request that will be done Live and no more.
3.- I´ll send the full sized image to your mail. and Will post a smaller version on my galleries.
4.- Every Image will be finished with the following quality, no less.
5.- Once every month will be a Loli theme stream for those who might want Loli characters. Will be done through Skype. Ask for my Skype adress

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