viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013

4 Slots!!

Called it, got prepared and finally doing it, the slots are open as soon as you finish reading all the rules, since i need more control abou thtis or will stack up again:

 - 4 Commision Slots per week, each no less of $50USD (can be more, depends on dificulty)

 - the payment will be HALF when the order is taken and HALF when the image is done (here is where i made my mistake the last time, i spend the money before finished the work so..... )

 - All the Slots must be taken by Sunday night, When i start the sketches, after that, i´ll keep silence until tuesday with the clients about the sketches, maybe monday, then until friday, when the images will be delivered and make public.

 - IF there are still free slots by Monday, will be filled with Pak images, the Comic, or Sold to anyone but only for a flat colors image.

 - Saturday, old works... 1 by 1.. every Saturday an old work must be done, no excuses, when no more old works are left to do, will be or pak images or the comic

 - Sunday.... Bloody Sun-day~... why work if one can enjoys a free time, this day is to do some Kaede answers, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate... some proyects like paks or the comic if i feel to, or go out with some friends...

Note: Saturday and Sunday can be switched, since my friends like to go out on saturdays more than on Sundays for some reason =)

Description and sample of a commission:

- Can be any theme, since i started on the Guro art for some reason i only get Guro related works to do, since i do all  the themes except of Scat (still disgusting)... or feet related fetishes (old story)... so from Bondage, to pin-ups to whatever you want can be made.

- 2 Characters max and without background. so the commission can be done quickly and without delays according to the plan.

- Color commision, and will be "cellshaded" or "Flats".. again to make it quick and good looking...
the only samples i have for now =)


Process of getting a Slot and stuff:

- When i made public the "Free Slots" anounce on any of my galleries you must send me an e-mail to "" with the tittle "Slot Petition" and your name... the first 4 will get the slots. If the e-mail has no name, will be discarded. Sample: "Slot Petition - Bob"

- Make sure you have all the money by the time I take your commision, even if you only spend the half for it, the Slot will be definitive until half the payment is confirmed.

- After I reply you back and payment is confirmed, we´ll agree on the spects and description of the image, be creative and give plenty of references of the characters you want.

- If you dont get a Slot this week, you can save a slot for the next one by givin $5, which will be discounted on the commision price the next week (only valid for 1 slot), but before that you and me must agree on that by e-mail first.

- ONE SLOT PER CLIENT, Very important... if you get a slot you can´t get another nor save one for the next week, you must wait to win one slot the next week or to save one for the week after the next one.

-PAYPAL only: since is easy and safe, since i´m selling Drawings, nothing more =3

Notes: Keep contact with me all the time while your commision is being done, this also applies for those who i owe a commission already...

Note to those who already know are special clients by now: We need to chat soon, since many things need to change this also concerns you guys.

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