viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013

Called it!

The job was a scam!!!...

Let me explain briefly:
I was hired with a contract for 30 days, being paid every 15 days, from monday to friday from 9 am to 6:30 pm, on a location 2 and half hours away from home... something common in mexico.

SO... i been puntual, i worked on some kind of marketing design for a new service, I used one that he has already and HE wanted it more or less like that so on the first 3 days the designs were aproved by my boss, was workign alone on a Hotel since the Hotel was a sponsor for my boss. He comand me to start on the next thing and 3 days later more or less he says, "the designs were rejected, lets change them" (here my first Radda Radda entry on the blog)... Then i worked on the next design, This time i proposed something new, something that goes with the marketing theme. again was aproved, and almost send to the press and about to be presented to the media... THIS MONDAY, he want to change all again, just because he saw anothers logo and wanted to "piracy" it.. I rolled my eyes and agreed, (The Boss is always right, even if he is not). So this time HE made all the changes and was 95% involed on the designs... again he aproved them and went to be revised on wednesday.... TODAY (payday), he starts to tell me, "the desings are wrong they have errors here and there and yada yada yada", ofcorse i said that i´ll change them, was a work for about a day or 2... Then he started to say "you dont have creativity and yada yada" where i defended myself that these were HIS designs as HE aproved... silence from him ... He asked me how much time i´ll need to finish the cards "with creativity", i told his that about a week or so... then he told me the catch.

"I wont pay you until the designs are corrected, and every extra day you work on them will not be paid".

BULLSHIT!, i said in my mind... and answer "well i CAN NOT work until you pay me my 15 days i already worked, payme and i´ll do whatever you want"

He refused, then I leave and Quit...

In resume: I just lost 15 days, hardly sleep at all and ended with even more things to pay thanks to this and has no time to pay this month bills and even worse lost 15 days where i easy could finish some old works or win some money selling new commissions!!...

So the emergency plan that i called earlier in the "radda radda entry" will be aplied with several mods.. since a friend told me that charge for the image at the end will be perjudicial to me at the end... Will post a separated process for that in a new entry and on my Galleries.

For now, All who, in a near future, finds a "top 1000 doctores" card, similar to those of X-box cards or I-tunes cards, near the boundries states between MExico and USA, those are from this Scam company and probably will be a fraud, maybe not but i wont be sure anymore.. Thats the only name i´ll say, i have enough troubles getting the money to have law troubles too...

Sorry for the bad news but my life right now are in a death spiral falldown and the crash will be very loud. but nothing that i hasnt survived other times.

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