viernes, 2 de agosto de 2013

Got a job and an Amazing Plan!!!... i guess

First, I´ll be taking care of Kaede´s Tumblr again, every  now and then but i´ll try to make it every 2 weeks at least. here the link:

Second, FINALLY GOT A JOB!!!... I have to worry not abou t money for now, so i can get to do the old commisions, in order and with the proper think... since I was to worried about getting money for my bills i started to stack upt on commision, now that is over... YAY!...

Yeah this means, no more new commisions from me until i get to finish all, no request, no anything until new order, after i finish I´ll make a Slot system, of only 5, AND my prices will rise, since the only type of commisions i´ll probably do will be in color, but big difference, you´ll pay until you get your commision done, that means i have no time restrictions to finish, but will be a wonderful 100% inspired commision.

So here is the Plan, from monday to Friday i have to work at my job, so on the nights i´l lwork on the commisions in order that i have them, with the exception of a few from new clients that i dont want to lose yet... on Weekends i´ll work on greater proyects like the comic and paks... and Kaede´s Tumblr... So I´m back on action...

3rd.. YEAH i declare a "screw this" and do the comic anyway, no matter if i get or not the goal of god know´s many dollars... ofcorse if you want it you´ll need to buy it... but now will be a freetime proyect so will be fun, also the paks, no more pre-sale, those who already paid for both will be first served ofcorse.. but after that no more...

Finally, Yeah its time to see my life seriously, more that i was doing it, every Sunday i´ll make a total halt to all my activities and just enjoy what i have, whatever that means at that time (may be a new friend, some commisons or personal drawings to do or just play videogames)..

This is for those who knows that will have speciall rules applied to them, those still applies, even though we can see us on YIM/Skype/ whatever msn.. due time (dam world why you needed to have different times here and there O30)

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  1. Congratulations on the job!!!!!!

  2. CONGRATS! I hope things go well with the job, Hitori. Sad I can't send you more money that I already have... but I can't wait to see what new things you come up with!

    I'll keep supporting the comic as I can, and have a few nifty commissions in mind for you when you have the time to talk.

    ~ TAD