jueves, 31 de enero de 2013


Posting my progress here every Wednesday, since i do some sketches or just one to the person ask me on live in any of my chats account i have... i wont share the identity of the one who ask the sketches.. its no use... and will keep a bit of privacy if the sketch is way too strange or is way too normal...  and also will post the works that i can and are not private, so here you will see my true progress... and wont feel that this blog is abandoned anymore...

and tomorrow Thusrday... Guro comic day.... talking about that... any suggestion for a main title for the comic?

this one took a lit of time to ink, 5 images in a single one... but finally done! (copyright of this character to its owner)

and a sketch... 2 maids who were choosen to dinner :3

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  1. As far as titles go, I'd say something simple:
    Bloody High School
    Guro Gauken (better if both are in Japanese, though I may be mistaken in the translation from English to Japanese... school = gauken).

    Basically, something that links the fact that it is a school with the fact that is a rather abnormal school with the idea of killing people.

    I'm still hoping you have another person sign on to handle English dialogue, if that will be your main language of choice. Basically, get a person who's job it is to ensure dialogue makes sense, flows naturally, and is grammatically correct. I'd be more than willing to do that for free.

    1. well sound promising for a name.. but i´m looking for a more open name, since this will introduce us to a world where those strange things happens daily and i will show that not only in the school, but also in other places and aspects of life... so the "Gauken" name would fit only this "chapter"

    2. Moriko:
      Not sure you need a japanese name for the comic. That is not Japanese art after all.

      Chidarake no ichinichi. (血だらけの一日) or Bloody Day.
      Ichinichi is a usual word in title of school poems, where pupils/students have to describe one day of their life.
      SO, if you use this - you get the title with more then one meaning.

  2. Sekai is world in Japanese, so...

    Sekai no Sadism for a world full of sadists who love to do horrible things to the girls?
    The Delicious Journeys where each issue is showing a transformation of a girl(s) into meat.

    Still, if you use "Guro Gauken," I think it's really good for a chapter title! What are you planning to do with the comic? All in all, to get my creative juices flowing very well, I need to know more about it.

    I will fight you tooth and nail to get you to take on someone (hopefully for free, no joke, here) to do dialogue or at least checks on dialogue and narrations that you do. I'd imagine you'd need someone for each of the languages in which you plan to release the comic.

  3. Moriko: No idea what is gauken. Possibly, you meaned Gakken, a word formed from gaky (learn) and ken (sharpening). I'm more used to hear words like Gakkou (school) or Daigaku (high school or university).
    Ah, not sure if right that guro stands equal to bloody. Guro is short and sounds nice... but for Bloody there are many different words that match better.

    1. and that´s why i can choose a good name for it jet..