viernes, 22 de marzo de 2013

Pak Pre-sale

FIRST!!.... 1/6 free for alll full color image.. =3.. had it in works months ago but ... meh... you know all the story...  enjoy!..  (its a direct secuel of Peach being Kidnaped by her minies)

Second: Did not wanted to come to this but i need it...

the "Cut in pieces" pre-order starts now for only $15....

with that said, all the other paks i have in sale are now at $20...

Why i´m doing this?.. well i need the money, as my primary plan failed BIG (the comic didnt start as well as i anticipated so yeah.... the comic is still in production but as i said, until i get the full cover it will be released).. and my second plan is not going as well because uncontrolable reasons (father... ) i´ll get back to the paks for a while...

Except for the persons which i have to work to pay my bills (you know who you are if youre reading this), ans whith this, the wednesday "sketch day" is canceled... so every wednessday i´ll work on this pak.. (maybe is also what i need, since i´ll draw what i want and no what others want... at all... you know to get out of the routine)

thank you all for at least read this :3

4 comentarios:

  1. Looks good. Still waiting on some stuff for you, but I'm more than willing to wait. You continue to put out excellent work (and, well, sadly, my meager funds won't do much to pay your bills!).

    Keep up the good work. I hope you do listen to me one of these days about overworking and overextending yourself, though. I try, at least, to give some good advice!

    ~ Tad

    1. yeah i know... the military service was worst that i spected.. fortunatelly i think i can get rind of it soon... so i can go back at 100% and get on schedule...

      and belive me.. every bit counts now.. O30...

    2. To be honest, mate, you need to not set such a militaristic schedule!
      Do this now, do that then, do this on this time at that date and then so on and so forth! It'll wear you out, and if you see this schedule you were going to uphold and now it's not being upheld, you end up feeling like a pile of shit. Nothing takes the wind out of your sails like feeling like a huge pile of shit.

      Instead, make a small set of highly manageable goals. Like "Will finish 1 image for new pack by end of week" and "Will finish 1 line art for person X by the end of the week." The next week, you up your goals, still making them manageable. Basically, build up your momentum. You can't just go from shit to progress. You've got to go from shit to feeling remotely human. Once you've gotten back to a baseline, start the heavier lifting!

      Still, good luck with everything.
      ~ TAD

    3. actually i dunno what to doo to keep in track... too many iinterruptions, too many things to pay... to many times that i can get profit or recognicion of what i do from the people i want to get recognicion... its frustratng actually... i never thought that "living the dream" would be this harsh and dificult... still will never surrender... i´ll take your suggestion in count and another suggestio to improve myself.. thanks! :3