martes, 17 de abril de 2012

Thanks you !!

Thand you for all who donated me fir this emergency... we already get the $150 and surpased it. this month is safe... any extra that you would donate from here will help for the next months.

And as i promised, in the next 3 weeks there will be posted a Good story writen by a good friend of mine and will be ilustrated here. Plus some images that where only at my pay-per-view web page:

search for Hitori :3

those who donated $10 or more will receive a special pak with all the color images of the older paks, if you dislike the guro themed images just mention it and i´ll not include them... and the ones who donate more that $10 from now on will receive the same pak.

thanks you and here are 3 of the images of the pay per view site... enjoy :3


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