lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

Teasin around

So, mayne people.. (3 in the C-box actually :P ) want me to put a TEase of the Limbless pak.. and i say.. Yes why not!.. :3

and here are some line arts that will be colored for the pak... which might be released this week ... (i hope) or the next...

wish me luck to finish it and to dont get bothered by family... thats is the main reason i get delayed always.. =3=

and nothin more at the moment... share them, enjoy them.. but do not make any alterations on them... unless you tell me before you do it... in that case i might give permision... i like to inspire new art, and sometimes for  that sometimes the new artist must copy/altere an existant art... in a way i started like that, (dont ask about those old jobs.. never released from the notebooks)

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