lunes, 16 de abril de 2012

Emergency task! (only have 2 days)

Well i´m in a serious trouble here...

Thanks to "arguing" with my family i´m in the situation that i need in the next 2 days gather $150... and asking for donations or borrowed its erh... its not right...

So i ended up to make this "promocional" or "donation run" to try to gather the money.

in the next 2 days, from the day this message is posted, everywere i post it, if i Gather the $150USD i need or more, i´ll put for free here [if the web pages rules allow it] a series of 3 images or more telling a story AND the Story itself... Plus, some of my color images that are only in my "pay per view" webpage (wich its not as productive as i thought when it started and the money takes "eons" to reach my bank account)...

The Story:

It will be about Princess PEach and Company, The theme is a Freakshow theme called "limbless girls" so discretion is adviced. And will be color images.

IF the goal is achieved:

the images will be posted in the next 3 weeks after i close the donation. if the goal is not achieved i might not be able to post the images...... or draw anything new for that matter O30

and, to reinforce my "promocional". everyone who donates me from $10 USD to "more", will receive a Special Pak with all the color images of the paks you want... might want only the ones without guro, or might want only guro pak... you decide...

Please help me to reach my little but very much important goal... or say godbye to this artist O30

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