lunes, 16 de abril de 2012

The Free-For-All image

now we achieved the first $100 USD in donation in the year, and here is the Free-For-All image, these images will be from my pay per view website, 1 of the color images of the old paks or a completely new image... this time is one that is also in my pay per view site... thankyou for your donations :3

The name is Moriko:
About the character: Well, she is a succubus. Not evil one, just enjoying her time. Her main abilities is energy draining and shapeshifting (changing her body whatever she like. She may hide or display her horns, hooves, wings, tail. Easily changes her tall, grows or decreases size of her chest, hips. Easily changes her skin and eye's color. May become futanari if she want it). Energy she consumes as food makes her nearly immortal, because she always save enought drained energy to recreate her body if something happen. She is kind and doesn't need to steal all one's energy. Because she drains very few from many people around her, being adored by them. Living in a castle and having many maids as servants and nice town around castle, where she is counted as a queen or a princess gives her unlimited energy source to stay looking young and beloved and kind to other, not being madly hungry for the energy even if she sometimes require more energy then she usualy need.

Something interesting about her maids:
Well, usualy maids are get hired in town. Each maid sign a contract that promise good help to maid's family as compensation. That is required because all maids soon or late for different ocasions (celebrations,  unishments) get cooked permanently without ressurection. For example, maid is used to create the meal for her 20, 25 or 30 years birthday. Every her piece is still alife while she is being eaten but after the birthday she won't be ressurected. That is required to keep the staff at the castle always being young. If elder female apply to be the maid they usualy pass the age dropping ceremony to make them younger. Sadly, such maids usualy end punished as they were unable to get used they lost their "elder" status. Clumsy maids or maids that failed to do mistress's order are also permanently beheaded at the sight. Still, mistress Moriko somehow manage to stay belowed and counted verykind to her maids and anyone in her town.

Situation in the image:

A trubite from her to all the people and the maids who always "donate" to her some of energy.

[description of character provided by the creator of the character]

note: this count of donations has nothin to do with the "expres donation" run... except that those were count to this one... the other still need the $150 USD... check the count in the main page of this blog :3

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