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Mini´s Mischef Mayhem

Here i am again, with some news...

As I promised here is the story writed by a friend which "writer´s name" is Jadowstar. I made an ilustration per chapter and will be posted here at least the first 3 chapters... if eveything goes right ofcorse...

If you wanna see more of this story after those 3 chapters are online, you can always donate, from a cent to whatever you want... he will also receive part of the money ofcorse... :3

Coments will be very apreciated from both of us.


Minis Mischef Mayhem
by: Jadowstar

Chapter 1. The Princess Peach and the Minis

The silent night fills the mushroom castle. The guards moving along from post to post. The silence of the night dulling their sense of duty or urgency. So much so that no one noticed the movement along the outer wall. It slips into the door, the simple rhythmic “hup, hup, hup” heard by no one. 

Meanwhile, Princess Peach hums happily as she prepares for bed. It had been a long day due to some shifty characters in Toad Town. While the Bandits hadn't been seen in a while, the handy work didn't fit their style. It was too sloppy and they only stole spare parts around the town, hardly anything worth stealing. The issue of who still bothered her, but she would need to worry about it tomorrow. Her dress had been tossed aside as she walks around her bedroom naked. A glimpse of herself in the full length mirror tinges her cheeks slightly. Her thin hips swaying as the princess make her way to bed...until there is a knock at the door. 

A look of confusion on her face, Peach walks to the door, having grabbed a towel that had not been put away. Peeking out of the door, she expected to see a Toad Patrol with information on the cases, but all there was sat a bag with a letter stuck into the stuffing of the bag. Looking up and down the hall, she grabs the bag and brings it in, while locking the door. 

The bag was plain, simple paper without logo or distinction. The princess looks over the letter and opens it, squinting at the small writing. 

“From my Smallest Fans?” 

She turns and looks at the back of the card as if expecting more. But seeing nothing, set it aside and sees what needs to be brought so late at night. 

Inside was a familiar looking plastic ball. One side of it tinted in the familiar fashion. Maybe it had come from a party she had been at? Tapping the ball onto the side of the bed, it pops open with ease. 

Out tumbles a Mini-Peach. It had been so long since she had seen one that it almost seemed like a simple toy. The Princess runs her hands over the Mini, feeling the small joints and the slight fluff of its hair. With a smile she looks into the Mini's smiling eyes while turning its key several times and setting it down. 

The small toy shutters slightly before moving along the bedspread, swaying its arms as it comes to the edge. Peach giggles a little as it drops off the edge of the bed and kneels on the bed to reach down and picks up the Mini off the floor. 

Her smile changes to shock as the Mini turns in her hands. The face... it had changed from a rather blank charming one to a sinister smile. The shock makes her drop it, it bouncing slightly on the bed spread. It twitches and moves without the aid of the key, pressing down on the bedspread to get itself back onto its feet. 

The two just sat there, one looking at the other. The Mini suddenly turns and jumps off the bed, making its way to the door. It looks up at the door knob then back at Peach, who still hadn't moved from the bed. There is a sudden thud against the door, followed by a second one. The princess gasped as the doorknob jiggles and unlocks. The door swinging up showing at least 10 Minis stacked in three rows, all of their little eyes focused on the naked princess in the bed. The first Mini turns and points, signaling the attack. 

The small swarm of minis rushes to the bed, Peach only able to scramble back against the headboard as the towers topples onto the bed, the lower Minis climbing up the sheets as for all of them to be ready. The last two had small chunks of what looked like mushrooms. The Minis move swiftly into position, making a semi-circle on the bed before leaping forward. Peach jump off the bed to avoid the attack. 

It had been a few minutes since seeing the first one move and really what could a Mini do to her? The little ones seem to grumble as they right pull apart from the pile up. The few having not leapt hopping off the bed to attempt to corner the Princess once more. 

Peach just smirks, “What makes you think you can get me?” the small figures stop, turning to one another as if considering this. Suddenly three Minis that had snuck in through the window attacking from above, smacking hard into Peach's back and neck, forcing her to stumble into the crowd of Minis, each of them grabbing hold and climbing to drag her to her knees. 

Peach felt her head getting heavy as from the attack to the neck, she stumbles as the weight of the Minis climbing her body piles up and dragging her down onto her chest. The group with the mushrooms moving into action as the group of Minis split up even more. Each toy group take out what looks like a small blade from their hollow “dresses”. With the Princess pinned down, they begin to cut and slowly feed her the shroom bits. No blood was spilled due to the slow working of the group. Peach would try and scream and struggle, but it would only make the cuts hurt more and the Minis more forceful each time she did it. The first to come cleanly off was her right arm, the few idle Minis that had been wandering around the room bring over the length of thin rope, grabbing the somewhat limp limb and binding it round the middle. This happens three more times leaving Peach no more than a wiggling torso. Many of the Minis having to climb onto her back to keep her down toward the end of it. Eventually resulting and a trio of Minis scavenging up a rather well used looking dildo from a dress and pushing it into her, surprising her just enough to get the job done. 

Peach just laid there, limbless and now dripping slightly while the little monsters set about with the next part of their mission. With 2 minis taking up a limb while the rest turned her over onto her back and lifted her up. One Mini remained atop her as the strange little parade moved back to the still open door. The princess cries and wiggles until the Mini atop her simply plops herself into her mouth, the wide base of the dress effectively shutting her up as the other moved slowly along the empty corridors, passing a few knocked out guards as they make their way to the doorway, the carpet muffling the “hup,, hup, hup” of their small feet. 

The castle falls back into silence, only a lone figure seeing where the line of the parade disappearing into the forest nearby. He adjusts his hood and moves along the path, following after the tiny footprints before they disappear as well. Kneeling and feeling the ground, noticing that nothing was under or hidden about before turning back to the town. This was not the handy work of Bowser or anyone else...who else was left? He muses as a simple tune coming to him as he walks, flipping out a notepad and marking down a few ideas before vanishing back into the town to gather some more data.


Some of you maybe have already saw this image at leas on line art, it was first the image and then the story yes, but then he continues the "saga" with Daisy, Rosalina and others... and i also continue to ilustrate that story... so the next chapter will contains a never seen before image :3

Thank you all for your donations which made this posible, really apreciated.... really :3

Copyrights of the characters: Nintendo Co. LTD. etc etc etc... you know that already :P


In other news, my lately delayment with the pak is due that my electric system of my room... and curiously only my room just colapsed... i already contactin the right people to fix it, and dont worry, this problem will no cost me more that a soda and some food for the enginier, was my father´s fault since he was the one who contract the lassy guy who install the electric system in the first place many years ago O30...  it has something to do with the time i spend in the PC usin tons of electric power to draw on it that cause the problem?... opinions are welcome :3

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