martes, 13 de noviembre de 2012

C-100 Update

As had some suggestions from people who had already fund the Comic, and other friends so, i made some interesting additions to "the proyect".

1.- Already stablished, the 100 people who fund the comic will see on live the making of it. I´m preparing the LiveStream account for that.

2.- Already Stablished, the Price will rise after the completion of the comic, so only the 100 People who fund it first will get it for those unique $30

3.- New idea, Guess Characters, the 100 people will have the right to suggest a character to be in the comic, will not be part of the main story but will be seen in the background or as a filling character, so it may be a OC or may be a popular character, which will be a trouble cause the Copyright but i´ll deal with it later.

4.- New idea, If its a succesfull project, i plan to do it every 6 months, so the next comic would be ready for the next December, and only the "100 original" will be able to infere in the next comic theme and Story, so their only suggestions wil be heared. Ofcorse if they want the new project they will need to fund it.

and for now its all. Please spread the message, let make this "proyect" a success! :3

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