domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2012

C-100 update

Found some facts that makes me to change the project basics.

I bought a comic today, counted the actual "comic pages", and the price of it, 30 pages for a common comic (DC) and 22 for a cheap one (Marvel) (note: i bought 1 of each, and the DC one was expensive than marvel, i´m not saying that Marvel is cheap. just cheaper in price :P)

so the following changes will be made:

1.- The comic will be a Ongoing project, so every 6 months or less time a new Issue will be aviable.

2.- The 100 People who funds the first Issue, will have it before its officially launched and will decide also the theme of the following Issue, is a wide world the one of the comic so "ANYTHING" is posible.

3.- The 100 People will have the comic in a large format (many ZIP files with the pages), while the later will get it in a fittable size no more that 900 pixels tall X 720 pixels wide.  so the 100 will have more benefits for their money.

4.- The Guess characters, who the 100 people only can suggest, can and will become the main characteres for the next Issues, with the limitations of the universe ofcorse, those limitations are still in discusion now but that will prevent "mary Sue" like characters on the comic. Also the situation of the comic will be suggested by the 100 only, so if you want to have a chance to decide what will be on the following one, you need to fund this one.

5.- The 100 will have a speciall discount for the next Issue, if they dont make it to be part of the next 100 for the next Issue, i mean, every Issue will need 100 people, and will be the first 100 to pay, so if 1 of the original 100 dont make it to the next, he/she will have a special single discount to buy the next comic. Also for the next one will be more time to get the 100.

so those are the changes, and also i may explain why this kind of projects are expensive. Think about a DC or MArvel comic, look at the credits of their comic, they have a writer, an editor, a drawer, an inker... ETC. but I´m working alone on this one, so i must do all the work, that make it expensive, but that also make it with no limitations.

Thanks for reading this and please spread the message and invite your friends to fund this project =3... you will not regret it

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