lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

Proyect C-100

This Proyect is about a Comic.

One person asked me to do a comic based on a story he/she write, and i agreed giving him the price for it.

The comic is about a School where its hold a Homecoming Banquet where a girl, voluntarily, is served as the main dish of the Banquete. Theres more of the story, but until the proyect is done (if its done), you wont know more of it.

Description of the Comic: Will be a full color comic, 30 or more pages (still on planing the composition of each). and will include the character design page with a bit of description of them as the world itself. Will be send as a Zip file.

So here is why its Called C-100 proyect.
With the persmision of the original commisioner, I will sell the comic only to 100 people for only $30 USD each. This is to pay the making of the comic, valued in $3000 USD to make it. After these 100 people, anyone else who wants to buy it will need to wait until the comic is finished and will be aviable for $50 USD.

Schedule: The payment for this must be completed for December 14th, starting it that same day and to be finished on July.

Note: if the price is not covered by that day the proyect will be posponed for the end of the next year. (better to stay positive).

If, and only IF, the payment is completed by December 14th or earlyer, every week i´ll do a "live stream" for the 100 people who helped to fund the making of the comic, so they´ll see the progres on live, and can tell me theyr opinion and things like that.

This will also help me to gather the money that my father want from me to borrow to him.

With this Proyect i will not let my other customers hanging.. more... for their commisions, so i´ll schedule every week to work on the comic, the commisions i need to do, and some time to myself ofcorse.

If you want to "purchase" the comic you have 2 ways to do it:

1.- just send the money to my Paypal account with a note saying "comic funds" (paypal:

2.- If you want it but hasnt the money yet, send me a e-mail asking for it, and i will make a list with your e-mail, andwhen you pay i´ll mark it on that list.

So, the comic is a huge proyect.. the most expensive i ever been involed, but its up to you for the comic to be made, so... Thanks for reading =3

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