martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

C-100 Update 27-11-2012

(plays Samus Theme)

Update: the Comic is a reality. Period.

Since i got almost enough funds to start something i say, the comic will be started. However, the release date of it will be anounced once the full price of it is obtained. So for now i´ll do only the designs and general concept of the main characters and the universe where this comic take place, also, the people who already are supporting the comic i ask you to send your characters concept or ideas, since they have the right to put a single character on it as a background character and send ideas for the same universe. This way the comic will have a huge world were to take ideas for the next issue the next year.

now you might ask. Why i took to much time to decide?. well, i was hoping to get more sponsors by this day, but wasnt the case, i hope that with some new advertisement i can finally get the sponsors and money i need to make this comic soon.

Finally, i just repeat again, if i can´t get the complete funds for the comic by December 14th of the current year, the comic will be delayed for the next year end.

Thanks for the support, specially the Current 7 Sponsors :3

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