domingo, 22 de agosto de 2010

Witch Craft End...

HT: well, this commision was a big one, still a sketch one but big... it took me some time to finish it and because some black-outs i lost several times the advances i had done in the comic until now.. so i´ll upload it here to you all to kow about it... it contains Guro-beheading...
page 1... the 3 sorceress confronts the handsome guy... the leader is in the middle and ask for a magical artifact
page 2... the leader make the others leave and confront the handsome guy for the magical artifact, it´s in the hole... or he tell that to her...
page 3... she see through the hole trying to see the artifact, but was a trap and the handsome guy behead her with one slash, she don´t even know what happened...
page 4... the others hears the conmotion and rush into the room, being paralized of fear seeing her leader death by a simple handsome guy
page 5... the handsome guy takes his oportunity and launch 2 fire-balls againts the unsuspecting who, to late to do something, see the attak coming
page 6... the headless bodies of the other 2 girls falls slowly to de ground, theyr heads explode with the impact of the attak.

and this is all i have for now... next to get done, other commisions and some free sketches i need to finish.. includeing the idea posted in the C-box here.. =3

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  1. hey hitori, i'm such in love with your work i'd like to comission something from you, but how can i contact you?

  2. to my mail...

    is linked to my nickname in the C-box here and also in Gurochan...

  3. Is that girls head still alive in page 4, lying on the ground?

  4. is dieing... remember, when the head is cutted, the brain is still alive for some seconds or some minutes (depend on the person), and much of the cases in a hell of pain