jueves, 5 de agosto de 2010

Free Sketches Done part 4 "Fur Affinity"

HT: this sketches was done to the Fur Affinity page... also there is a little extra.. =P
For Yami...
Cassandra and Lizzie are two lesbians whom both work in a studio that makes bondage films. They both love bondage and they love their adopted son Kyle. So at their home it's not very strange to find Lizzie and Cassandra tying and gagging each other up in one of their bondage games. In this request however Kyle was asked by his two mothers to tie and gag them up duct tape in their lingeries. It's a strange family I know but hey it's not like the kid can pick his parents.
(words from the requester)
For Fur DemonFiren...

MichaelRandell (requester OC) and Fox McCloud (Nintendo) no more comments...

Note: i´m not afraid to draw anything... but thats not mean that i like all that i have been requested to draw... i´m not fan of Yaoi, but still can draw it... =/

For Killereye...

3 anthro Pixietails in a thigh situation =3... the Pixietails are woodland creatures from the 80's kids show called Lady Lovely Locks and the Pixietails.

the requester try to rescue them from the darkside of the oblivion =3

For HalfDragon...

his Fursona naked outside his Cage... like a little kitty...

For sam-gwosdz...

a Fennec and an Otter playing and enjoying theyr love... =3
[update: a little change in his hairstile...]

and now the extra!!.. =3

another party!!.. this time are the preparations makeing the food for the others... those 1-UP mushrooms are very useful


Peach : how my body will taste?... i must eat the 1-up fast to regenerate and taste it
Rosalina : no matter how much times i do this... its still strange to see this pole coming out from my mouth...
Daisy : ok this thing is now assured in place... Peach´s body must be cooked by now

Daisy, Rolasina, and Peach copyright to Nintendo Co. Ltd.

(yeah i liked so much the 1-up mushrooms idea.. =3... i´ll use them in more and more images of Peach and the others X3... this sketch was just finished cause it was half finished... )

and thats all for now.. the next page is Hentai Foundry...  still open to sketch-commisions... just send me a mail.. =3

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