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Peach´s Party: Royal Roast Fest Night!!

HT: ok i wait until i finish these images to post this... this story was writed by "Jadow" the same person who writes some of the stories in the (now extinct) page of Gammatelier... enjoy your dinner while you read this... =3
The Kitchen below the castle of the mushroom kingdom’s castle was once again full of activity. The Princess had once again had the urge to start one of her many strange parties, but this one topped them all. There had been a bumper of 1-up mushrooms this year and the Castle had bought up unneeded 1-ups for a “party” was the word on the street. Only the Castle Toads actually knew what was going on that night.

The Princess was getting grumble and impatient. The guests would be coming soon and yet not everything had been set up. For the last few hours Toads have been running in and out setting up the kitchen as a second dining room along with several on hand “Nurse Toads” She looks up as the first Guest arrives. “Hi Peach, am I early?” Daisy smiles as Toads bustle around her, setting up the finishing touches. Peach nods and smiles. “We’ll also be having some foreign friends coming as well” he gets up and heads toward the kitchen, glancing up when footsteps coming from the balcony stairway, Rosalina coming down quietly. “Welcome Rosalina, I’m glad you could come...” The cosmic princess smiles, a Lumas floating behind her nonchalantly.

The three of them make their way into the converted kitchen. There were not several large ovens placed all in a row, a Toad to each oven watching over as they began to heat up. Peach smiles and glances over to the 1-up stock, wanting to make sure that that incident last time would not happen again. Daisy moves over to the ovens, grinning widely. “So we’re really gonna do it?” She looks back. Peach smiles “Well, if the 1-ups hold out, we could do it several times…” Daisy grins wider and returns to looking at the oven. Suddenly there is the noise of heavy thrusters outside in the courtyard. The Toads scurry about, wondering what had come. A suited person climbs out of her space ship and slides off her helmet, looking about she shrugs and walks inside, setting it on the table. “Sorry Princess, didn’t see a pad so I had to choose a clear spot,” Samus smiles sheepishly. Peach and Daisy laugh, “Well, the lawn needed a trim anyways,” Rosalina shakes her head and smiles; she never needed ships to get around herself. Samus looks about as she starts taking off her outer suit. “So, have the others gotten here yet?” Peach shakes her head, “No, only three more needed to get he-“Just as she finishes, two figures appear in a ball of darkness. The First one stepping out brushes herself off. “I think I preferred going by horse...” Zelda says looking back as the other steps out. “But this was so much faster.” Midna smiles; It was still very impish even in her proper Twili form. Zelda sighs and shakes her head. “Well, we’re here anyways,” she turns and smiles to the group. Peach smiles and looks over to see if the Toads had everything ready. She was getting excited and it was getting harder to hold it back.

There was only one person left to come. Peach looks up at the time, wondering if she was coming when she hears thrusters again, this time not as powerful as Samus’s. They were coming from the direction of Toad Town. The group goes out to the gates just in time to see a vehicle blast out of the town. The shriek of airbrakes rip thought the air as the ship pivots and comes to a stop. The hatch opens and out steps a lady in G-suit, pulling off her helmet, Princia smiles at the group. “…am I late?” she asks as three of her servants climb out of the ship as well, looking very carsick.

After Peach had calmed down the locals and told of Princia about roaring thought town, the group went to the large kitchen, doors locked behind them. Peach smiles and turns to the group. “Now I know that last time’s incident caused a bit of… distaste, but this time we have plenty of mushrooms…enough so that I thought we could try something…a bit more different.” The group turns about and looks interested; some hide this excitement better than others. She turns and smiles as the Nurse Toads caper about the tables, setting up what looks like small plates of cut mushrooms, as well as a large pile of extras. “I thought we could try something exotic this evening...” Peach smiles again and sits behind a table looking toward an oven. Each of the others and look toward each other each going to a table, Rosalina’s Luma floats over the oven curiously as Princia’s Servants dash about with the Toads to get her comfy. Peach sighs happily and starts to undress shamelessly, her nipples already erected from what was coming. The rest shrug and follow suit. While Daisy and Princia were next to being naked, the rest took their time. Peach smiles and looks over at her friends, ‘Ready?” Each of the other guests showed signs of excitement as well; erect nipples or small droplets running down their legs. A Toad walks over, wielding an oversized cleaver. Peach leans forward expectantly, smiling confidently to her guests. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine”, those were the last words out of her mouth as the cleaver comes down though her neck, her head rolls slightly as the body convulses, the Nurse toads rushing forward and setting the princess’s head up straight, pushing some of the 1-up mushroom into her mouth, she swallows it and smiles as several of the toads grab her body, white cum gushing down her legs as they pick her up. While none of them look terribly taken aback (for Peach was a rather different girl when Mario wasn’t around) they all looked a bit nervous. Peach winks and watches as the toads take their sweet time with the body, hands moving about “accidentally” feeling her up. The next one up was Daisy, who leans over eagerly, a finger hooked into her pussy and rubbing furiously as the cleaver rises. The cleaver drops causing Daisy’s head to drop moaning, the body convulsing as cum shoots past her fingers. Once again the Nurse Toads quickly set up the head and feed her the needed 1-ups. Daisy watches excitedly as her body is handled much like Peach’s had been.

And so it continues on. Next was Rosalina. The Luma righting her fallen head as her body slumps over, giving the toads a very nice shot as her leg seem to have spread. Zelda blushes deeply as her head lowers, her pussy visibly quivering as the toad raises the cleaver once more. Midna surprises them all by beheading herself, her powers causing the head to fly off, flip once and land into her lap neatly. The toads while surprised, do manage to get Midna set up as well. Princia’s servants visibly show discomfort as she giggles, leaning forward for the swing. When the blade dropped, so did one of the servants, in which a Nurse Toad had to take him into a corner to let him revive. Last up was Samus, who didn’t look nervous, but it still didn’t draw away from her erect nipples. She leans forward mechicnally as it was her turn.

Now that everyone was headless and munching on the 1-up mushrooms, the Toads get to work, first spreading her legs and stuffing as much vegetables as they can into her. Peach blushes and looks away slightly as the others look on with interest. Were they really going to do what it seemed like? After Peach’s body had been filled up and capped with a large turnip, they tie her arms behind her back and spread her legs, pushing a roasting spit thought her. Peach can’t help but moan at the site, even if she can’t actually feel what is happening. The tip pushes easily out of the throat and the toads lift it up. Opening the oven door and slide her body into it, letting it rotate slowly for the group to watch. All the while Daisy continues to watch excitedly, getting impatient on how long it took the Toad to work. But it was her turn next; she blushes and watches as she is stuffed as well. Daisy watches with interest as her body begins to cook alongside Peach’s. Rosalina’s body goes along with the other two, the Luma nuzzled between her breasts, trying to help carry her. She chuckles and watches with a red tint creeping into her face.

The servants actually had to be removed from the chamber as Princia’s body is prepared to be cooked. Her expression was much like Daisy. Zelda and Midna went along without a hitch, however, Midna kept pulling off tricks to amuse herself. For one thing, her headless body actually stuffed herself full and put the spit thought her body. While the others looked a bit squeamish, Midna just smiles, it was just like manipulating a puppet anyways, even thought it was harder as just her head. Samus was the one that looked the most disinterested in what was going on, but the other suspected otherwise form the way she kept blushing when she did see her body.

By this time Peach’s body had finished roasting. Her body was removed from the oven and dressed up properly. The princess beams proudly atop a small stand. It had been run thought her body from her throat out her ass. Her limbs had been removed and laid around her also dressed up to be eaten. So really the princess looked like she was just limbless, only that her body had been cooked. The rest looked on with interest, a small tug of hunger in their “stomachs”. While the 1-ups could keep the head alive, it still didn’t stop it from behaving like the body was whole. Peach smiles and nods as Several Toad Chefs appears removing parts of her body and placing them onto plates, each one assigned to feeding each of the princesses as Peach watches on, blushing at how Zelda sucked up her pussy and “ate it out”.

Each of the bodies come out of the ovens, each one set up and decorated as if they were the centerpiece for a meal. Daisy grins widely and blushes a lot more then Peach had as they feast on her body as well. 

Rosalina’s body was up next, the Little Luma looking concerned over the body, but still ended up being the biggest eater, devouring both of her breasts before setting in on her head for a rest.

By the time Zelda was out, the girls had gotten full, so the Toads could now have some as well. Zelda spent the whole part of her meal blushing, wondering what Link would think of her getting eaten like this.

Midna on the other hand relished in the experience. Even though her body had stiffened to much to actually be moved about, still didn’t stop her from having some of her own body by floating pieces to her mouth. One Toad even got a bit of a surprise when the pussy he had been eating suddenly closes up. Causing him several minutes just poking and prodding it, not sure what was going on while Midna surprises giggles as she made it move ever so slightly, just to mess with him, eventually causing him to run out of the room when the pussy started “talking”. Midna giggles as the poor Toad takes off down the hall, passing several toads jabbering something about “lips still moving”.

Then came Samus, who kept up trying to look like this was all under her, even if the others knew by now that she liked this just as much as they had. One of the more jokesters of the Toads snuck over to the table and placed her helmet onto her head, causing some chuckling as well as Samus trying to get it off. This of course causes Midna to join in on the joke, floating the arm cannon over along with the rest of her armor. The hand picks up the head and places it where it should be. By this time the Nurse Toads were getting nervous and trying to keep feeding her, which only made Midna play Keep Away with the armor holding the head out of reach. But she was not being stupid, knowing just when the mushroom was going to start wearing off; she has the armor place the head back in place on the stand. Samus would have breathed a sigh of relief if not several Nurse Toads had not stuffed her mouth full with 1-ups in panic.

The last person to be cooked up was Princia; she giggled and smiled, enjoying the attention as other just nibbled now, having gotten full from the rest of the meal. Trying to be thoughtful, she orders that some of the Toads take out some of her to the servants if they are hunger. It was quiet for a few minutes after the Toads had left with the platter of her. It only took a few more seconds for the servants to come bursting in, tears running down their faces at what was left of their princess. Princia looked more confused as they fall to their knees to beg for forgiveness about letting her partake in such activities. The girls look at each other and smiles softly as Princia tries in vain to convince them that she is fine and she hadn’t felt them eating her

But it was time to start ending the party. While the supplies were hardly exhausted, it was more to keep the servants from doing anything bad to them to repent. They had been lead away to be calmed down while the Toad Nurses took out full 1-ups and feed each of the girls one. They each one took it differently, Daisy and Princia were soon panting in heat as their breasts started to reform, feeling newly sensitive to the world around them. As soon as their arms had reformed, they started fondling their new flesh, tongues hanging out as they moan in pleasure. Unfortunately for Zelda, Midna grew her arms back first and started fondling her; sense Zelda formed her torso before her limbs. She blushes deeply, dripping slightly as Midna fingers her teasingly. Samus lay on her back, face flushed as her body grew back, small gasps of pleasure escaping her as her body reforms before her, letting out a long moan while her pussy was being restored. Rosalina remained mostly silently, but she smiles motherly when the Lumas nuzzles into her reformed breasts. She smiles and rubs it gently with the stump of her wrist sense her hand had now fully restored. Peach smiles as her body as reformed along with everyone else’s. Happy that everyone had a good time, she begins to wonder if maybe Mario would like some of the left over. Even Luigi could enjoy some of her succulent meat. She blushes to herself smiling, imaging them enjoying her body. The princess could be odd like that sometimes.

And so everyone departs. Rosalina goes up the balcony, stroking the Lumas who had fallen asleep. She smiles and says her goodbyes and vanishes back into space once again. Samus puts on her gear and smiles, blushing even through the helmet as she asks to be invited again to one of these parties and that peach possibly get a landing pad. Zelda and Midna leave tighter, Zelda telling off Midna for taking advantage of her, yet Midna grins, retorting that Zelda seemed to be enjoying it too much to tell her off during it as they vanish. Princia leaves next embracing Peach and Daisy and she slips into her G-suit. The Servants follow her out to her ship, still looking nervous but that could be because Princia was driving home as well. Peach sighs as she roars off, at least she didn’t go straight thought Toad Town this time. And so now it was just Daisy and Peach. Both of them hug and smile, saying their goodbyes as she heads back home.

Peach smiles and nods to her, walking back into the kitchen while cleanup was taking place. Toadette stood near the oven, looking thought the pictures she had taken. She had stayed out of the way mostly this time, unlike the limbless party. “So?” Peach looks over her head at the Camera. Toadette smiles proudly. “I got a lot of good pictures, now I just need to have them touched up a bit by a friend” She smiles and turns off the camera. Peach smiles and stretches, her arms were still a bit stiff from the 1-up. “Well, I better get back to work” she sighs, the parties seemed to be all to short….perhaps next time she should invite more girls….or even some of the guys too. She giggles and steps out of the castle, going back to her duties as the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.
and this is the story... comments and critiques here and in the C-box... the writer will also answer some of your wuestions too... =3

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  3. this was fantastic. Loved the pics, loved the story. The use of the Nintendo gals and methods just was great. Very well done.

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