martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

NEWS and comic... =3

OK me again with some news.. and a comic...

so first the comic... at full size...(clik)

and then some news..

the last months i was fighting with a PC that crashes, was to slow and other isues that keep me from achieve my goal... finish all i need to finish in time... the last weeks was a relieve because i finally "tame" the PC but still needs repairs, or definitely a new PC.. and for that i need money... with some friends, and because i can´t do color in thiis PC, we combine our skills in draw to do commisions to everyone, they are quik and great images... but light and common, compared with the images that i normaly draw...

here is a sample of what we do together...

as you can see is a simple color but with a good quality... and can be done quickly and they are cheap ...

and now i introduce de art of my friends... first ZEO

he is a Bondage artist, almost everything that involes Bondage he can doit, even better than me because he studied it more... torture and fisical damage for his is welcome but when it turns deadly to de victim is where he stops and dont do it... you can ask me for a image you want from him and i´ll tell you if he want or not to do it...

now my other friend KuroHoshi (Darkstar in english)

he is the more light  in his art... still he draws very sexy girls... he likes so much to show the sexyness of every character he draws, and has a fascination with the loli characters like Gwen Tenison (10 years), Sakura Kinomoto ETC... any situation and fetishe he tries to draw them sexy thats make him to not draw hardcore bondage... (so dont ask for guro images... is worthless :P )... also he dont like the furry characters at all, the same image shows how much furry he likes in a character.. :P...

and thats all for now.. help us to keep in busyness, and for me to still do some free request from time to time..

the request that i already acepted are in producction.. soon you will see them.. =3

any question about the colaborated commisions to my mail with "colaboraton commision" in the title... see ya!!

3 comentarios:

  1. Wow, love LOVE the comic beheading for the last story. I can't thank you enough. Huge fan of your amazing talent!!!

  2. FYI, it'd be really helpful for comics if either the text was larger or the whole image was higher-res (resulting in larger text)

  3. Oh, and I don't mean a larger image as in just upscaling but actually having the image be that resolution.

    Also, since comics have such few colors, you can get a smaller filesize by converting to 256 colors or less and saving as a PNG. Using a lossless format like PNG also helps incase we have to zoom the image to make the text big enough to read.